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Game Setting

Game setting is very interesting. Elder Scrolls Online takes place during the Second Era - thousand years before skyrim. It is time of great wars and conflicts.

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First Beta invites were sent!

Congratulations to all ESO fans! First wave of beta invites was sent and the Beta was started. Check your e-mail please.

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Elder Scrolls Online download link can be found into your Beta invitation. 20 GB of free space required.

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How to avoid BETA key scam?

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key offers can be seen on different sites. It is scam. Only official ESO support can give you Beta access. Read this article to find out how to protect yourself from fraud.

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Beta Testing – Your Personal Status

ESO fans are waiting for BETA. A lot of players have already signed up but not all of them know about how it will be.

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Inventory is a very important part of the game. Comfortable inventory allows to manage items fast and without difficulties.

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One Million Likes Video - Leaks

One Million likes video was great and funny but not many people could notice that it contains some real pictures from Elder Scrolls Online game.

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One Million Facebook Likes

Official Facebook page of Elder Scrolls Online reached 1 000 000 likes. It is a great achievement for all ZeniMax Team.

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ES immersion - First Person View

Typically ES players have been able to fully immerse into their character, but in this upcoming ES will that be true?

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Weapon Types

It is a tradition of all Elder Scrolls games to let the player take different weapon and use it. TES online also allows it. Any class can take or change any weapon in battles. Find...

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Combat System

The page will tell you about main differences between combat system of ESO and other games. What is Synergy System? How to interact with other players?

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About Game Engine

What graphic engine does Elder Scrolls Online use? Will HeroEngine be used for ESO? Let’s find out.

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How much will elder scrolls online cost?

How much will elder scrolls online cost? ESO is going to become a great MMO game. Many people are waiting for it and already looking for information.

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Elder Scrolls Online is finally announced!

Elder Scrolls Online is finally announced! Congratulations to all TES fans!

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Background of Future Success

Will Elder Scrolls Online become a leader in MMO industry? What prerequisites of success does it have?

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Free To play or Subscription?

Can Elder Scrolls Online be free to play? Why Subscription model is better for a huge MMO project?

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Will TES Online be a new WOW clone?

MMO market is full of WOW clones. Will Elder Scrolls Online be also similar to World of Warcraft?

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Forum signatures

If you want to tell other people that you are a fan of Elder Scrolls Online and you are waiting for the game you can use these images. They were created for using at forums and websites.

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Explaining PvP in ESO - Full Guide

Everyone likes to fight in the game. In TES Online battles are spectacular and interesting. There are special battlegrounds, castles and towers for sieges and many other interesting places for fighting.

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Mega Server

Mega Server is a new technology of “flexible” servers that allow to maintain the same amount of players in a particular area.

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Character creation and customization

Elder Scrolls Online allows deep customization of your character’s appearance. You can create new character with unique appearance.

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System Requirements

ESO does not require a very strong machine. The game engine allows to run it on a wide variety of systems. So you will have no difficulties. Xbox or other console version is not planned yet.

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Elder Scrolls Online Wiki

Elder Scrolls Online Wiki contains all the interesting information you need to know about the game. This Wiki will continue to be updated as soon as new facts become available.

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Beta Testing

Elder Scrolls Online is now going through it's pre release testing stages. Below we answer questions on how you can participate in BETA testing and what the requirements are for taking part.

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Amazing game screenshots of TES world. The best pictures and art. Wallpapers can also be found here.

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Minimap shows direction of your movement, nearby world and important objects.

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Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

Elder Scrolls Online has unique gameplay. You will see familiar places, do familiar actions and will have a lot of fun.

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Synergy – Full Guide

What is synergy? How to get more rewards, bonuses and experience from acting in time? Read the full guide here.

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Finesse is a special resource that gives you bonuses. The page tells about how to get more Finesse and how to spend it.

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Hotbar is similar to Action Bar from WOW. It allows to use your spells placing them into special slots.

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Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Database, Community, Guides

Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most anticipated MMO games right now. A lot of TES fans are waiting for it because Bethesda Softworks has a great reputation and knows how to make interesting games; however, it is not enough to just have a great developer. The secret of any good MMO project is a unique world with its own lore. The ES world is very famous among gamers and that's why ESO has such great potential.


It is not an easy time in Nirn. Maybe it is the end. A lot of revenants and dark spirits appear in every part of Tamriel. Winters become colder. It becomes difficult to find food and survive. The world becomes dark.

Why does this happen?
Four years ago an arcane explosion of energy in the Imperial City changed Tamriel. A lot of Daedra came from oblivion and started to destroy everything. Molag Bal; Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement, started to build his Dark Anchors in order to merge Nirn and Oblivion. You are the hero and you can change the situation. Join one of the three powerful factions and save the world from collapse.

Information about the game:

Developers: Bethesda and ZeniMax. Bethesda is known as a great game developer with an awesome reputation and tons of experience. They say ZeniMax was developing unknown MMORPG for several years. Now we know that the secret MMORPG is TESO. The game was announced on the 3rd of May 2012.

Release Date: 04.04.2014 for both PC and Mac. A console version will also be available at some later date in June.

The game takes place 1000 years before Skyrim (TES V). That means all action will be during the “Second Era” (200 – 300 years before any of the other TES Games).

There will be three factions available in the game. Lion, Dragon, and Eagle (or phoenix) represent the different factions. You can find more information about the factions here - factions.

The market of online projects is developing very fast. We see many MMOs come out every year but these projects are not very exciting. It is very difficult to create a good online game without a good base. Every new MMORPG needs a unique universe and a good fan base. That’s why Elder Scrolls Online has all the right ingredients to become one of the greatest games in industry!

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