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The progression system in ESO is open-ended; each class has a lot of different skill trees - armor, weapon, class, racial, crafting and so on. But it is not the end. You will be able to discover new lines like Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, Vampire line and several others exploring the world. Each line has useful active and passive abilities that can make your character stronger. Each skill requires 1 skill point to be mastered and 1 extra point for morphing. Where do you get all these skill points? The general answer is questing and leveling up, but, there is one more way to get extra skill points – Skyshards.

Skyshards are objects that can be found in almost all locations of Elder Scrolls Online. When you absorb the power of 3 Skyshards you receive 1 skill point. The great thing is that there are a lot of them in the world and you can gain enough skill points to explore other talent trees. Each ESO Skyshard can be used by your character only once. The general difficulty is in finding them.

Each player gets familiar with skyshards in the beginning of the game during the quest “Soul Shriven in Coldharbour”. Prophet summons 1 skyshard for you and you can absorb it. This will be your first shard. Other shards are not so easy to get :)

Skyshards location

Aldmeri Dominion

Daggerfall Covenant

Ebonheart Pact

Skyshards were added into the game to reward players for exploration. That’s why they are located in different areas of the world, from public dungeons and caves to overland areas. The best way to find them is to forget about roads :) Explore the world, visit different places and you will be rewarded. If you see a glowing light that comes from the ground into the sky – you have found it. It is very difficult to miss.

If you have difficulties you can also use our Skyshard map (will be added soon). It displays the location of every skyshard in ESO.

More information

  • Each Skyshard you find can be absorbed by your character only once. So don’t try to return to the place where you found it hoping to absorb it once more.
  • When you absorb the power of a Skyshard it does not disappear for your allies. It is not a mine or resource. So you don’t need to be faster than your opponents to absorb it when you see one. Each member of your group can use it.
  • Skyshards in ESO have fixed locations. They don’t appear on the map randomly as players may expect. That’s why you can benefit from our map (coming soon).
  • There is also a group of achievements dedicated to Skyshards. You can unlock each achievement by collecting all the skyshards in a territory. The description of each achievement also contains a hint that will help you to find the shards.

Don’t forget that you can also visit territories of other factions after finishing quests for your main faction. You can take quests there, explore territories and also find skyshardsю This is one more reason to visit other provinces after finishing all quests of your main faction.

As you probably know not all territories of Tamriel will be available after launch. We will have access to some provinces, but there are also many locked territories. Developers promised to provide content updates every month or two. That means we will see new zones and thus will be able to find new skyshards in these zones.

Is it possible to absorb the same Skyshard by multiple characters from the same game account?

Yes, there are no restrictions. You can create a new character and he will be able to use the shards you have already visited by other characters from the same account.

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