Locations: Provinces, Zones, Territories

Map of Tamriel is divided into different locations – provinces. A province is a special territory occupied by a certain race. There are 9 provinces in the Elder Scrolls Online. Many of them will be familiar to TESO fans. Every single player game took place in one of the nine provinces. Now all 9 of them are available in the one game. Each province consists of smaller zones where you can find different cities, dungeons and other places of interest. All territories except Cyrodiil belong to three main factions.

Cyrodiil is the territory located in the middle of the three factions. This is the area where players will fight against each other for control; and forms the basis of the ESO storyline. The Capital of Cyrodiil – The Imperial City - can be conquered by any faction. When a faction takes control of the capital, the highest-ranking player of that alliance is crowned Emperor .

Each territory has its own history, culture and traditions. The style of architecture and appearance of cities differs a lot. If you have played previous TES games you will recognise many familiar cities and places.

How large are the provinces?

The size of each area is rather big. If you imagine that all previous TES games have focused on one area, now, think of the scale of all of them plus more combined. There is definitely still a feel of the importance of exploration and discovery, that we have all come to love in TES games.

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