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Any visitor of can browse almost every page at the website but can not participate in discussions and community life. If you want to be a full member of our website you need to create your own account (personal profile).

Our webste does not have traditional registration. Most people do not like registration process and do not like to enter password during authorization. Nowadays the best way to avoid registration process is to let people login at the website using their social profiles. You have seen this many times on other websites and we also decided to implement such system.

You can login at using your Facebook profile.

  • No registration is required. Just click Login button and Facebook will do everything for you. Your profile at will be created automatically.
  • No passwords. You will never forget your pass at because you do not need to enter it. Facebook will automatically create a secured pass for your account and will enter it when you log-in.
  • Login process is quick. Click Login and you are in.

Do not forget that you must be Logged-in on Facebook to use your profile at If you are not logged in on Facebook you will be asked to enter your FB account.

We know that such system will not satisfy all visitors. But on our opinion it is the best way to create a good community without spammers. Moreover, Elder Scrolls Online will use Facebook and it is a good idea to create a FB account if you do not have it.

How to create a new account at

This process is simple. Click “Sign in” button and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be redirected to Facebook where you will be asked to confirm registration. After the confirmation you will be sent back to the website. Now you have an account at Next login will be fast and will not require any special actions.

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