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Traditional term Synergy means two or more things that function together to produce a result not independently obtainable. ESO has special synergy system that allows players to benefit from working together. So that means you should combine your abilities to increase efficiency of your actions. It is not your obligation. You can be a part of a group and still fight alone. But it is not as efficient as combining skills with other participants of your group. Though it is not an obligation your team can require you to act properly. The more everyone uses synergy the stronger the team is. It is difficult to wipeout team where every person knows how to use his spells and can act in time. It can be a criteria that helps to decide whether it is better to leave a player or kick him from a team.

Bonuses from synergy

Every player has special abilities. Synergy allows to combine them to increase efficiency. It is an indicator of your mastery. The better you know your character the more effective you use your abilities. Synergy shows your skill. The higher your skill is the more rewards you get:

- You receive more Finesse points and recharge your Ultimates quicker. Use our Finesse page to understand what the term means.

- Your team kills enemies faster. Synergy allows to increase DPS and HPS of the group. That means you can beat instances quicker. You save your time and receive more experience per hour.

- You receive extra experience. When you work together and use your abilities in time you receive extra experience. This helps to level up faster. Extra experience is great.

- You can receive special rewards. The way you use your skills shows the level of how you master your character. Those players who act in time and react properly can receive special rewards. The list of rewards will be added later.

Ordinary battles against weak monsters do not require different combinations. You can use synergy and receive bonuses but it is not required too much. The real necessity of acting together emerges in instances. Monsters are stronger there, and it is more difficult to fight against a group of monsters because they can use synergy against your party too! So when you act together with your friends you increase your chances to survive. If every member of your team knows how and when to act better your team is unbeatable.

It is not difficult to use benefits of synergy. Just learn your abilities and try to use everything in time. Here are some examples:

A rogue can place a trap. If you are a fire mage you can burn the area under the trap. When your enemy enters the trap he loses his ability to move. Your fire will deal damage to immobilized enemy.

Note: synergy means combining abilities to reach better results. That means you must work together with your teammates and not just be in a party. You must act to get all extra bonuses. Otherwise you will not receive special rewards.

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  1. David Patterson 30 november 2013, 20:47 # 0
    What kind of combinations could a healer have with other powers?
    1. Duelist 01 december 2013, 02:11 # 0
      There is not enough information about mechanics of Synergy for healers. But I can assume that there will be several combinations like these:
      Rite of Passage + Restoring Aura
      Restoring Aura + Cleansing Ritual
      and several combinations with Restoration Staff abilities.

      I think healer class will receive more benifits from Finesse. Player receives bonuses from Finesse for propper reaction. For example: an enemy uses his AoE Ultimate and Templar can react by activating his Rite of Passage to protect allies.

      Healer may also use different AoE healing abilities against AoE attacking spells and so on.

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