One Million Facebook Likes

By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

Official Facebook page of Elder Scrolls Online reached 1 000 000 likes. It is a great achievement for all ZeniMax Team. Just imagine, the game is not released and they have one million likes! It took them 10 months to collect this great amount. They created a special video for all fans to celebrate the occasion and this video is pretty funny.

Heavy Armor Sets

The other interesting thing is a new picture with three types of heavy armor. Developers took one race from each faction and show us how heavy armor sets will look like. Aldmeri Dominion is presented by Altmer, Ebonheart Pact by Nords and Daggerfall Covenant by Bretons. Why these races? Well, they are leaders in their factions so it can be the reason. Note: it is concept art. Though it is just a picture, we can see that these sets are great. But we believe real armor will look much better.

ZeniMax asked fans to vote for best heavy set from the picture. Many people think that all sets are awesome but some vote for Nordic or Evlen armor. No wonder, many people are still playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. That’s the reason why they like Nordic set. It looks aggressive and has awesome helmet.

Many fans discussed why only Nordic armor set contains shield. There are a lot of versions like “High Elves are spell casters and they do not need shield”. The real answer is: developers just created a concept art. It is a beautiful picture created to show the general appearance of heavy armor and show that they have some good ideas about armor sets. Real armor sets will contain shields. It is your choice whether to use it or not. As we know each race in ESO can take any class and use any weapon. So there will be no restrictions in the game.

Other guys ask: “Where is heavy armor set for Orcs (Khajiits etc)?” The answer is the same. It is just a concept art. It is not a presentation of all in game sets. So be patient. They will show other sets in future.

Developers of Elder Scrolls Online are doing a great job. We all congratulate them with 1 mil. Facebook fans. Lets help them to collect more Facebook likes.

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