Gods of Tamriel

God is a powerful entity of Tamriel. They do not live in human’s world but they influence the life of all people. There are many different gods with different responsibilities. Some of them are good some are bad but these terms are not fully correct. Gods are mighty entities and it is difficult to understand their actions. They do what they need to do.

There are many different worship traditions in Tamriel. Each province and race has own religious pantheon. Most pantheons consist of different gods but sometimes include gods from other pantheons. For example Akatosh can be found in many religious cults.

Most people respect gods and ask for their help in difficult situations. Each god in Elder Scrolls Online has its faithful congregation. Religious people gather in special places to prey and exalt their gods. They often do it in temples or shrines where everybody can receive blessing. Some of the most powerfull gods are patrons of different guilds. For example Dark Brotherhood considers Sithis as a patron. Knights of the Circle serve to Arkay. Sometimes gods use people for their needs.

Molag Bal, the leader of evil army in Elder Scrolls Online, is also a god.

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