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By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

A lot of people ask “Will I be invited into BETA?”, “How can I find out if I am in?”, “Where can I find my beta status?” and other similar questions. Such activity shows that people are interested in getting more information; so we decided to clear the situation.

First of all you should understand that there are a lot of people who signed-up to Beta. We are sure that ESO support receives hundreds of similar e-mails about BETA. Actually all BETA related information is available on the official website and you can find your answer there. Just read the official info and you will understand the following:

So far there is no way to find out whether you are in or not. There will be a lot of BETA events and each event will require a different group of participants. So, it is impossible to identify your personal status, there are a lot of testers and each has their own unique profile.

If you have signed-up and received the confirmation – wait for the invitation. Confirmation shows that your data was received correctly. If you haven’t signed-up and want to participate in BETA – go to the sign up page.

If you are not invited to take part in the first event – wait. You will could be invited to the second, third, fourth and so on. Each event will be dedicated to special areas of the game and will require different testers.

Each event will require different amount of testers. For example “Stress Test” will require thousands of players. So your chances to be invited to such test are fairly good.

ESO Team stated that they are going to involve as many testers as they can.

Invitation to one event does not guarantee that you will get invitations to all future events. Invitations will be sent for special event only. For example, if you receive an invitation to “PvP testing” you are able to participate only in this event. If you receive another invitation in future – congratulations. That means you are selected once more.

Do not forget, that BETA means searching for bugs and writing bug reports. We think that the probability of being selected into multiple tests depend on your impact during your first event. If you show that you are serious person who can search for bugs and write reports your chances to be invited again are higher though this is our opinion. Official ESO support did not tell about such criteria but for us it looks obvious. The overall goal of BETA is to improve the game by fixing bugs and modifying content.

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    1. Forest Bosley 07 march 2013, 10:08 # 0
      Very nice, ESPECIALLY the lat paragraph there… seems to be something a great deal of people forget about… they complain about character wipes and exploit bugs for personal gain. I want a game that is awesome… that's why I love beta testing.
      Makes me feel like part of the team, i can't code, but i can help find holes. YAY! Beta!
      1. Austin Dunn 11 march 2013, 14:43 # 0
        is there a specific age group or age limit that they have because, I'm 14 years old, would that lower my chances of being accepted for beta testing?
        1. Duelist 12 march 2013, 01:01 # 0
          To be honest: you have no chances. Only people at the age of 18 or older can participate. When you fill the sign-up page you have to accept a NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. The first paragraph of this agreement contains following:

          By clicking the “I Accept” button, You represent and warrant to ZeniMax that… (ii) You are 18 years of age or older as of the Effective Date;
          As you can see if you are under 18 you can not accept the NDA and thus you cant sign-up for ESO Beta.
          1. Austin Dunn 12 march 2013, 17:59 # 0
            ok thank you i guess i shall wait till the full game drops then
            1. Duelist 13 march 2013, 00:20 # 0
              On my opinion you will be able to join open BETA because there will not be NDA. Open beta testing will take place after the closed beta is finished.
              1. Austin Dunn 13 march 2013, 05:29 # 0
                Thanks again
            2. Allaiyah Weyn 04 november 2013, 03:15 # 0
              I've read a few statistics that claim only 13% of gamers are under 18. Of course, those statistics also included softcore gamers; people who play Facebook & Bigfish games 8 hours a day, (which tend to overwhelmingly be girls in their young teens & women over 40). & casual gamers; people who don't play enough hours of games a week to be considered «gamers.» The type of MMOs boys 18 & younger do tend to gravitate toward are MOBAs & any MMO with breast physics & lingerie.
              1. Matt Gilbert 22 november 2013, 12:35 # 0
                I cant say I personally would agree with that for instance queens blade (not a fan at all of that game) was suppose to be an awesome hack and slash futuristic mmorpg but dear god that was a failure.....I played it for a little while just to see how it worked then suddenly as your level progressed the amount of armor your character wore seemed to disappear it was actually rather disappointing. There is just some games are meant for the perverts of the gaming world but I have played almost any mmo I can think of and what really draws me is realism and fighting style not boobs. The only thing they did with the boobs is made them bounce sure that draws the attention of a 2 year old but seriously it doesn't help the feel of the game when you put in fake junk like that. Seriously other than the amazon women NO WOMAN FIGHTER HAD BOOBS THEY WERE MUSCLE seriously. Maybe I am just waiting for an mmo like SAO now that is something I would love to be apart of. (other than the stuck and risk of death) I am just waiting for technology to advance to the point where we can enter the game and moving in the game without moving IRL doing special attacks and skill with your own movements and words, tasting the food inside the game, smelling the water and trees. Feeling the grip of the sword as you slice through your enemy it would be nice but I think we got a long wait on it even though they predicted 2017 I do not see that happening. Until then im sure there is guys like me out there screaming for the most realistic possible until then the rest will feel semi good if not garbage…
                1. Allaiyah Weyn 22 november 2013, 20:21 # 0
                  Well not ALL boys 18 & younger, but the popular stereotype among gamers is that the easily enraged, ultra-hormonal, entitled gamers who can't spell or use any grammar skills or punctuation tend to be in the 13-21 age category (mostly 13), & that male gamers over 30 are married with kids & don't play games they don't want their wives & children walking in on & questioning.

                  I understand that the Scarlet Blade MMO is part of the Queen's Blade franchise, which also has some kind of softcore yuri manga. Let's face it; there are a LOT of Japanese franchises that have no substance beyond sex appeal.
          2. Zveva Giampa 30 april 2013, 11:46 # 0
            Can't wait, thanks!!!
            1. Osacr Watson 02 july 2013, 05:10 # 0
              i have waited months for mine how come i have not got one

              1. Devox Gemayel 12 october 2013, 03:12 # 0
                I don't think it is actually fair and logical that people who arent even gamers get beta
                keys just because they need people of this country/state or region, while hard core
                gamers like myself are left behind. Beta testing consists in finding bugs and errors
                and report them to enhance and perfect the game. 75 to 90 % of the testers you
                invited wont report any bug and signed up just to play the game before it is released.
                The other 25 to 10 % are the ones that will perfect this game. Why them and not the others
                ? Its because those are the people just like myself, played Morrowind or Oblivion for at
                least 600 hours ( minimum ) and Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game like
                World of Warcraft, Aion, Rift… their whole life. These people know what makes The
                Elderscrolls game series supperior to all, and that a MMORPG version is their dream game.
                You need each and everyone of those people to be in your beta test for those people care
                about the game as much as your Developpers perhaps even more because hardcore gamers
                aren't paid and do what they do for free and Because they love it.
                1. Ryan Rhue 16 november 2013, 13:12 # 0
                  I definitely fit the hard corps Bethesda gamer type and I have a very unique ability of finding every single clipping error that exists. I can't count how many time I've either gotten stuck or fallen through the ground on the fallout series or from morrowind up to skyrim «dragonborn». My favorites are when I try to hide in a corner and I fall behind a barrel or crate or get sucked into the wall lol. On a bonus it usually makes the agro break so I get to reload from the last save. I also am great at finding pretty much all 2ndary quests without the use of google though I will admit when I play through I always go check to see if I missed anything. I still hope i'm chosen for a beta key though, either way I am still going to get this when it launches publically. I would just like to assist in it's development and help ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible.
                  1. Scott Doty 22 november 2013, 17:54 # 0
                    how do i download the beta i got my key i registered but i didnt get an email to download the client. Help?
                    1. JazzyPuff 27 november 2013, 13:38 # 0
                      Scotty...sorry I didn't see this till the beta was over, I was also preparing for the beta...if you didn't figure it out by now it's when you choose to create your beta account. After the account is created in the upper right hand corner is your option to download the beta client. Just make sure you give it plenty of time to download as it will take hours.
                    2. Nick Owens 22 november 2013, 18:10 # 0
                      I've been invited to beta and all,, but where do I start?? It said it started an hour ago but there is no place to start…
                      1. Nick Owens 22 november 2013, 18:11 # 0
                        I didn't get a download available…
                        1. cmsk 24 november 2013, 12:24 # 0
                          Will BTers be privy to any in game 'bonuses' when the final game comes out?
                          1. Phaj Thoj 03 january 2014, 15:36 # 0
                            is the beta still working?? cause i tried to login today(jan 3 2014) it just says login error 201
                            1. Dave Hodgson 18 january 2014, 14:10 # 0
                              I have activated my beta key already but i restored my pc and cant find where to download the cliant. please help me
                              1. Duelist 18 january 2014, 14:23 # 0
                                I don’t understand how you could redeem the key and skip the Download Link. Anyway you can find the link in your account. It’s under the “Redeem Code” button.
                              2. Giuseppe Cecchetti 05 february 2014, 01:21 # 0
                                So, i have entered january stess test and now there is goin to be another stress test on february 7th. My account is still valid for that or i have to wait for another email with a new code?
                                1. Paul Labowicz 07 february 2014, 18:46 # 0
                                  So I never got past the character creation screen. And now they are in «maintenance mode». So not sure if I should wait around to see if I can finally get into this game, or go play some more warband. I have high hopes for this game but so far so bad. We shall see.
                                  1. Jade Page 10 february 2014, 10:31 # 0
                                    Where`s the beta form that you fill in?
                                    1. Ambuaz 10 february 2014, 12:00 # 0
                                    2. Zack Rose 27 february 2014, 06:56 # 0
                                      A friend of mine sent me their extra beta code for the beta that opens up in two days on the 28th and I was wondering where I put in that beta code so that I can download the beta. I can't wait to be a part of this. I've played nearly all of Bethesda's games and whiled away a good portion of my life doing so. Is that a good thing? maybe not, but who cares?
                                      1. Ambuaz 27 february 2014, 07:09 # 0
                                      2. Michael Reppert 01 march 2014, 03:23 # 0
                                        yeah so i have the launcher installed, and when i click start… nothing!!! where am i supposed to report bugs again?
                                        1. Christopher-Robin Holmberg 03 march 2014, 06:43 # 0
                                          Hi there #Michael Reppert, What OS are you runnig atm and have you installed DirectX +

                                          Sometimes this can help if you still got the problem. Otherwise you cant go here


                                          Christopher Holmberg

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