Will TES Online be a new WOW clone?

By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates
All gamers know that World of Warcraft is the most famous MMO game of all times. It is the leader in the industry and it is the most successful online game in the world. Many new MMO games are trying to beat WOW using the same gameplay and same ideas. The result is: MMO market is full of similar games. Will Elder Scrolls Online be a new WOW clone?

When a new product or game comes to the market it has to be competitive. The main competitor for any new online RPG is World of Warcraft. But it is impossible to compete with such leader directly. If Elder Scrolls Online uses only WOW ideas it will hardly be an interesting and successful game. WOW has already occupied its market niche. The niche is very profitable and it is impossible to beat such a great leader in its field. Elder Scrolls Online must have something unique.

TES has its own interesting game feature: a character increases level of a definite skill only by using it. Many fans wish to see such system in TES Online. It is an unusual idea for online project. But there will be some difficulties in using such system. For example it will stimulate players to “grind” or “spam” their skills. Do you remember Oblivion where you had to jump many-many times to increase your Acrobatic skill? Elder Scrolls MMO must not be a game for grinders. Bethesda can avoid “grinding” effect by combining traditional MMO leveling system with TES system or they can use something similar. Anyway they will have to find a way of using TES leveling in their MMO.

Yes, the game must have something unique, but traditional popular elements must also be used. It is business and Bethesda wants to get profits from every project. The most profitable audience for MMO project is young people who have a lot of free time. It is fact and it can not be ignored. The game must not be very simple. But a very difficult game will hardly stimulate players to continue playing. Developers of Elder Scrolls Online must find a balance.

There will always be several points of view on how true MMO must look like. Serious role players want to see an interesting world with many quests. PvP lovers wish to see a lot of Player vs. Player battles and so on… Good game must be flexible. It must have content for different groups of players. It is the secret of success.

Elder Scrolls Online will not be a WOW clone because it will not bring success to project. Gamers do not want to see new clones. Only unique ideas based on interesting gameplay can help TES to become a successful online game.
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