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There are a lot of monsters in ESO. They can be found everywhere. Daedra is the most angry monster.
Public Dungeon is a place where you can loot best weapon, amour and other items. See a list of instances here.
Elder Scrolls Online is now going through it's pre release testing stages. Below we answer questions on how you can participate in BETA testing and what the requirements are for taking part.

Video Section

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This page contains interesting videos about Elder Scrolls Online


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Amazing game screenshots of TES world. The best pictures and art. Wallpapers can also be found here.
There are a lot of different locations in ESO. A province is a territory that belongs to a each race. Within the ESO and Tamriel, each faction has its own territories.


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Minimap shows direction of your movement, nearby world and important objects.
Elder Scrolls Online has unique gameplay. You will see familiar places, do familiar actions and will have a lot of fun.
What is synergy? How to get more rewards, bonuses and experience from acting in time? Read the full guide here.


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Finesse is a special resource that gives you bonuses. The page tells about how to get more Finesse and how to spend it.


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Hotbar is similar to Action Bar from WOW. It allows to use your spells placing them into special slots.
Combat in Elder Scrolls Online is similar to previous single player games but is different from other MMO games. Mouse plays an important role here.
All the information about the games Factions. What faction is the best? Have a look and decide.
All the information you need to choose a class or study all the classes in ESO.
There are 9 races in TES Online: Altmer, Bosmer, Khajiit, Bretons, Redguards, Orcs, Dunmer, Nords, Argonians. What race is the best? Take part in our poll.
Elder Scrolls Online is the best mmo project. The game is not officially released so far but we have some information to share with you.

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Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most anticipated MMO games right now. A lot of TES fans are waiting for it because Bethesda Softworks has a great reputation and knows how to make interesting games; however, it is not enough to just have a great developer. The secret of any good MMO project is a unique world with its own lore. The ES world is very famous among gamers and that's why ESO has such great potential.


It is not an easy time in Nirn. Maybe it is the end. A lot of revenants and dark spirits appear in every part of Tamriel. Winters become colder. It becomes difficult to find food and survive. The world becomes dark.

Why does this happen?
Four years ago an arcane explosion of energy in the Imperial City changed Tamriel. A lot of Daedra came from oblivion and started to destroy everything. Molag Bal; Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement, started to build his Dark Anchors in order to merge Nirn and Oblivion. You are the hero and you can change the situation. Join one of the three powerful factions and save the world from collapse.

Information about the game:

Developers: Bethesda and ZeniMax. Bethesda is known as a great game developer with an awesome reputation and tons of experience. They say ZeniMax was developing unknown MMORPG for several years. Now we know that the secret MMORPG is TESO. The game was announced on the 3rd of May 2012.

Release Date: 04.04.2014 for both PC and Mac. A console version will also be available at some later date in June.

The game takes place 1000 years before Skyrim (TES V). That means all action will be during the “Second Era” (200 – 300 years before any of the other TES Games).

There will be three factions available in the game. Lion, Dragon, and Eagle (or phoenix) represent the different factions. You can find more information about the factions here - factions.

The market of online projects is developing very fast. We see many MMOs come out every year but these projects are not very exciting. It is very difficult to create a good online game without a good base. Every new MMORPG needs a unique universe and a good fan base. That’s why Elder Scrolls Online has all the right ingredients to become one of the greatest games in industry!

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