Instances and Public Dungeons

ESO like many other MMO games has many PvE areas where only team can reach success. Such areas are called Public Dungeons or instances. Players get together and try to kill bosses and loot something cool. Top weapon, amour and other items can be looted there.

List of Public Dungeons

Here will be a full list of instances in Elder Scrolls Online

Mass PvE battles require maximum attention and ability to play in a group. The more you use synergy the better your results will be. The game requires to interact with others to achieve maximum efficiency. Elder Scrolls Online is not about beating the area. It is about mastering your skills. When you enter the area (instance or dungeon) your enemies know about your presence and will try to kill you and your party. When you fight against monster in ordinary one on one PvE battle the monster uses all his skills against you. But a group of monsters in a dungeon will use synergy combining their skills. You will see their interaction. As soon as you walk into the room monsters begin their own strategies against your party. You will have to be quick and react properly.

When you enter the area monsters start to react. You will see it on the screen. For example someone will blow a horn and enemies will turn their heads to see you. Then they will start their mechanics to protect themselves and kill your party. Elder Scrolls Online is a game where monsters can also interact with each other. A rogue can place a trap and a mage can burn the area so when you enter it you will be caught and will receive damage. ESO requires you to be careful.

One more interesting thing: you will have to clean the whole room in a dungeon not one group of enemies. Most MMO games let you to kill 2-3 enemies in a room without attracting attention of others. ESO does not allow such trick. When you enter the room your enemies know that you are here. The whole room starts to attack your party. It is an endurance and strategic fight.

One of the big differences between ESO and other games is that there are no strict roles for players. There are no tanks, healers, damage dealers, buffers. Roles are not so strict. If you can not kill all monsters in a dungeon that means you can not interact with others properly. Use synergy. You will have fewer troubles and get more rewards.

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  1. Zachary Bolduc 26 january 2014, 18:03 # 0
    will there be anything like a mass loot or auto loot avialable for dungeon quick looting?
    1. Adrian Cederberg 08 february 2014, 07:59 # 0
      if i have understand it correctly, everyone will get the same loot, meaning that if u find a chest and take all the loot in it, it will be empty for others, even in dungeons.
    2. Adrian Cederberg 08 february 2014, 07:57 # 0
      i think its really cool that for example a templar can charge in and then later back down and heal teammates. i think that assassins would not be a instance class due to its focus on single dmg. i think the Templar and Sorcerer will be the most played here. Mostly for the templar have alot of AoE and heals, and the sorcerer is capable to summon minions that potentialy can tank etc. i really think this is a great way for a group of freinds to test their limits and skills.
      1. Velacar 21 february 2014, 02:34 # 0
        How does the loot works?
        1. Ambuaz 21 february 2014, 05:54 # 0
          Each player has his own loot. Nobody can steal your items.
          1. Velacar 21 february 2014, 11:49 # 0
            Okok, btw my friend is going to give me his beta key, and its great that we have our own loot, because Blizzard's one in WoW its so easy to steal. I appreciate it & thanks
        2. Josh Cox 21 may 2014, 13:28 # 0
          Yes each player has their own loot from battles, as long as he/she contributes to the Dmg and battling NPC's......In the open world materials used in crafting are first come first serve almost but they are plentiful if u look about for stuff to use for crafting.

          PVE Dungeons
          There is a lv cap, meaning u may not see any loot u get from a PVE raid dungeon. If u'r revisiting a dungeon u skipped over to lv up but are 5 (I think) or their level is way higher than NPC's remember skill point is still worth it.

          Lets face it no loot equals no fun lol. To ensure u don't miss out if u'r also levelling up, press [P]in game an go to upper right of tab go to grouping now change activity type to[dungeon] then check the dungeons that are on ur map similar u use this tab to check out other dungeons — or do sum online research

          If u'r in with mates talk about who is after what and needs. Higher lv player if their helping will not bother with dungeon chest loot if their lv is much higher then recommended......but in open world its free every one for themselves lol. But chests do expire once all contents are taken though but keep it fair no one like a chest hog.

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