Background of Future Success

When a new massively multiplayer online game is announced all gamers start comparing it with World of Warcraft. It is fair because WOW is the leader in the industry of online gaming. There is no game that can overcome WOW now. Will Elder Scrolls Online be able to attract a lot of players and beat current leaders? Let's try to find out...

The secret of success
World of Warcraft was so successful because the game «Warcraft» was famous among all gamers all over the world. A lot of players had been playing the game before WOW was released. It was the first step to success.

Now let's see what Bethesda has. Elder Scrolls is also a very famous game series. Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are the legends. It is the most popular RPG series in the world. Each game is great and better than previous. Skyrim is the last game for now and there is no doubt that it will be one of the best RPG games of the year. Elder Scrolls Online will be built on this foundation. It guarantees a great start and popularity. Many gamers have been waiting TES Online for a long time. Huge community and well-known brand means low marketing costs. Gamers will help to promote the game.

Elder Scrolls universe is very famous. Tamriel, the main continent, has 9 provinces with its unique history. A lot of great quests can be made there. The world of Tamriel gives great opportunities for making an outstanding game story. It is one of the most important things for MMO project and all fans of TES games are expecting to see many interesting quests.

Elder Scrolls Online has one serious advantage over other existing online games: the game can use modern graphic engine. Modern graphic engines allow game developers to make the game beautiful and attractive. It is very important how the game looks like. For example several developers are going to use CryEngine 3 in their upcoming MMORPGs. This engine is a great choice. If Bethesda uses CryEngine 3 in Elder Scrolls Online it will be good news. If they decided to use their own engine it is also not bad. Anyway Bethesda is an experienced game developer and there is no doubt that we will see good graphics in TES Online.

One more advantage over other competitors is that Bethesda and ZeniMax are huge game developers. That means their MMO project will have big budget. Money plus talented developers will result in high quality game.

As you can see Elder Scrolls Online has everything to become one of the best multiplayer online games in the world. If everything is OK and the game is released current MMO leaders will have to share their players with TES.

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