Skills and Talents in Elder Scrolls Online

When you swich to the "Skills" tab you can see all avaliable skill lines. You will see all major categories of Skills in Elder Scrolls Online that are avaliable from the start:

Class Skills - special abilities restricted by your class. Each class has 3 skill trees with 10 abilities. You can't master abilities of other class in the game.

Armor Skills - responsible for armor efficiency and for your defence.

Weapons Skills - responsible for weapon strength. There are 6 weapon skill lines in Elder Scrolls Online

  • Crafting Skills - crafting abilities

World Skills - can be discovered through exploration. Your character can get access to these lines only if he joins specific guilds or discovers them while traveling:

  • Soul Magic allows capturing souls and fill soul gems
  • Vampire - skills that allow you to use Vampire abilities.
  • Werwolf - skills that allow you to use Werwolf abilities.

You can also join different guilds and receive new skill lines for that.

  • Mages Guild - becomes available if you join Mages Guild.
  • Fighters Guild - becoves available if you join Fighters Guild.
  • Dark Brotherhood - becoves available if you join Dark Brotherhood (Will be added in post-launch updates).
  • Thieves Guild - becoves available if you join Thieves Guild (Will be added in post-launch updates).

Each category has sub categories with active or passive abilities.

Passive abilities do not require any actions from the player; when you invest skill points in passive abilities you automatically receive the result. For example you can increase your passive defense or damage. Effects of passive abilities are permanent.

Active abilities require player’s actions for activation, such abilities must be places on your hotbar and can be activated from the hotbar only. The example of such an ability is dual-strike – you hit your enemy with both weapons at once.

Leveling and Progression

When you have definite abilities on your hotbar and use it during the game you receive experience for that ability and the more you use it the faster your progress will be. When you reach the 4th level in Weapon skill or Class skill you can Morph it by adding new effects to the skill. For example, you can add knockback effect or stunning effect. Morph abilities change for different skills, this system allows you to create a unique character with a unique set of skills. You can manage your abilities and extra effects yourself.

A general idea of Elder Scrolls Online is to let player pick up any weapon and explore different abilities and talents. It doesn't matter how you begin, you can change your specialization any time. There will be enough skill points to unlock all your talents and try different builds.

Changing Specialization

ESO provides player with many skills and it is possible to create a lot of Builds. A player may want to redistribute points after some time. You’ll be able to reset your skills, receiving room to try new things or undo choices you aren’t happy with. Though it is possible, it will cost you money and the price will be rather high. Thus it’s not a cheap option that can be used every hour.

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  1. Koray Kuru 03 march 2014, 15:47 # 0
    I don't think it's fair to spend a skill point to a crafting talent like -increases chance to see ores- as per a talent like ultimate. In my opinion, there must be different types of skill point to each talent tree…
    1. IdunKnow 08 march 2014, 05:36 # 0
      They are giving us total control to spend the points as we wish. More for crafting or more for passives and combat skills. I understand the total skill points available is 250 so there is plenty to do as we wish. Some games you are limited to only one crafting profession per toon. ESO crafting is very liberal.

      BTW, I was trying to find the list of skills and passives for the restoration staff and the destro staff. I may be overlooking something but I figured they would be under skills in the weapon section. Please provide me direction.
      1. Ambuaz 08 march 2014, 05:53 # +1
        We are going to add Staff skills soon.
        1. Jakob Pettit 29 march 2014, 12:06 # 0
          Hey guys, I noticed that you have restoration staff skills under destruction staff and vice versa. Just thought I'd let you know!
          Have a good one
          1. Ambuaz 29 march 2014, 12:18 # +1
            Thank you very much!
      2. Apple.Snowsong 30 march 2014, 04:50 # 0
        This Guide is such a useful tool! You must have put allot of work into this. It is so helpful to be able to filter so extensively like this, and practice how we could make different character builds! This is so helpful! Thank you so much! :)
        1. JLIU 02 april 2014, 05:57 # 0
          This site is awesome! Thanks for all the helpful tips. I look forward to see the morphing options displayed in skills soon! Keep up the good work guys!
          1. Luke Peterson 02 april 2014, 22:17 # 0
            I am hoping that the werewolf passive ability «Bloodmoon» is used dirng the full moons in the game…

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