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It is not a secret that one of the most interesting things for a player is weapon. It determines your character. If you like melee battles you will probably choose warrior with sword and shield or heavy sword. If you like spells then a mage will be the best choice for you. Each class has its traditional weapons. Let’s talk about different weapon types in Elder Scrolls Online. What are the differences between weapon types? Does it feel different to play sword vs. staff or two hander?

There are many differences between weapon types. Your weapon determines the type of your attack and special abilities. For example a warrior with a shield will have ability to dash enemies knocking them out. It is a very useful ability that can be used only by warriors with a shield. Two hander will let you slice enemies with heavy attacks dealing a lot of damage. Bow and staff will give you ability to hit enemies without coming close plus special range attacks. Different weapon has different special attacks. Everything depends on the type of your weapon but special attacks can be used only with a class weapon.

Is it possible to use different weapon for one class? Elder Scrolls Series is famous because of an interesting feature: you can equip any weapon you wish and use it. It is great but will such system be good for MMO? Developers of TES Online say that you will be able to use different weapon types. It is a tradition of all TES games to allow player take any weapon and use it in battle so it must be realized.

The weapon you use determines all your combat experience. For example if you are a rogue your primary weapon is daggers. Your special abilities can be used only with daggers. But you can take a bow and start shooting your enemies. Your simple attack will be a bow shot and your heavy attack will be a strong shot. A rogue can also pick up a fire staff. Then his attack will be a fireball. But the staff will not make a mage from a rogue. It is only a weapon and a rogue will not have all skills to use the staff efficiently. If you take a weapon that is not for your class you will not be able to use special attacks. Only simple attacks will be available. Anyway you can take any weapon you wish.

Sometimes there are situations when a bow or a staff can help melee warrior during the battle. If your enemy tries to escape and you have no endurance for special attacks you can equip a bow and try to finish him. Range attacks can deal damage to enemies and sometimes can help you. Or when a fight begins you can use a bow to hit your enemy. When the enemy comes close you can take your main weapon and attack using all major skills of your class. Maybe it is not the best way to start battle but it is possible. If your range weapon is good you will be able to hit your enemies but anyway your main weapon can deal much more damage because of special skills of your class. There are a lot of tactics for using different weapon types during the combat. The game allows to use anything you wish. Everything depends on your tactical thinking.

Such system is not new. Several online games are using it. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Developers will have to find balance between melee and range classes and it will be more difficult. For example a bow can help a warrior to attack enemies from distance. How a sword or a dagger can help a mage? The answer depends on many factors but it seems we will see combat mages in a game.

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