Factions in Elder Scrolls Online

There are three factions in the Elder Scrolls Online. Each has its own unique crest, goal and consists of three playable races. All 3 factions are at war within the game and can attack each other. Within the special PvP territory of Cyrodiil representatives of one faction can attack representatives of another.

Once you've created your character it is impossible to move them from your current alliance to another, but, you can create a new one wherever you like. It is possible to have a character within each faction. We recommend you to try all the alliances as each has its own unique quests and history. So there are three different story lines to reach the end game. There are also multiple threads each storyline takes depending on your characters choices.

Leader: Queen Ayrenn

The alliance was formed as soon as the Altmer became aware that the imperial City was controlled by Daedric worshippers of Molag Bal. This faction is an intelligent one, due to the supreme knowledge of the Altmer and ,to a lesser extent, the Bosmer (Wood Elf). The real fighting strength of the Aldmeri Dominion lies with the Khajiit, though they have recently been affected by the Knahaten Flu; the Altmer helped them rebuild after the crisis, causing the Khajiit to owe their loyalty to them and the Aldmeri Dominion. The idea of the Aldmeri Dominion is clear in the name ,they want to dominate. Their belief is that as elves built the White Gold Tower they should be in control of it.

The mix of skilled archers, natural sorcerers and vicious fighters makes the Aldmeri Dominion a very powerful and strategic alliance.

Territories: Alinor, Elsweyr, and Valenwood

Alinor is a great city, capital of the Summerset Isles. It is a city of towers and glass which serves as the centre and heart of the Aldmeri Dominion. The province is home to the Altmeri people.

Elsweyr is a province in the South of Tamriel. It borders Cyrodiil to the north and northeast, Valenwood to the west, and the Topal Sea to the southeast. Elsweyr is the homeland of the Khajiits.

Valenwood is a South-Western province of Tamriel. It is a land of vast forests and swamps. Valenwood is the homeland of the Bosmer.

Leader: High King Emeric

The leader of this faction is the High King Emeric. Originally a merchant, the Breton has become a powerful leader with fighting and diplomacy on his side. The Redguards joining was secured by the High kings marriage; giving the alliance the mastery of magic, athleticism and honour. The real fighting strength of the alliance lies with the Orcs. They were recruited into the alliance by the High King after being called for military help. As well as there fighting skills they are also very well known for their skill in armour-smithing. The Orcs choice to join the Covenant came about during the reign of the second Empire, when their Kingdom of Orsinium (which lies within Breton territory) was given provincial status. The restoration of their capital aided in the development of good relations with the Bretons and a willingness to join the Daggerfall covenant .

The Daggerfall Covenant is believed to be the most internally trusting alliance with the best reasons for trying to control Cyrodil; when the Ruby Throne and capital is strong, Tamriel is in peace.

Territories: High Rock and Hammerfell

High Rock is a western province. Daggerfall is the capital of High Rock and is one of the oldest cities of the province. It is the home of the Bretons and Orcs.

Hammerfell is a western province. Its landscape consists of desert, mountains and grasslands. It is the home of the Redguards.

Leader: Jorunn the Skald-King

Their reasons for entering an alliance together isn't based on trust or friendship, but on survival and domination. The final reason for their alliance was in response to the Akaviri, from the continent of Akavir, who invaded the North numerous times. They decided to form a union to survive this threat and from this union a plan to take the Ruby Throne.

The Dunmer are experienced in magic, the Nords in close combat fighting and the Argonians in stealth and assassination. This makes the Ebonhart Pact a perfect combination as they cover all facets of combat.

Territories: Skyrim, Morrowind, and Black Marsh

Skyrim is the most well known province of Tamriel due to the recent TES game. It is situated in the north of the continent and has an extremely cold and severe climate with vast mountain ranges. It is the homeland of the Nords.

Morrowind is a very famous province. It consists of two main parts: Morrowind proper and Vvardenfell (a huge island). Morrowind has a lot of swamps and is surrounded by mountains on the west. It is the homeland of the Dunmer.

Black Marsh is a southeastern province. The climate in Black Marsh is tropical and is dominated by marshland and rainforests. It is the homeland of the Argonians.

Choosing a faction

If you have friends who have been playing the game for a long time and you must play ESO with them then you have no choice :) But if you start playing alone, you will have to think before choosing a faction. We recommend you start by looking at choosing a race. For example if your favourite race is Redguards you will have to play in Daggerfall Covenant. If you like Elves - Aldmeri Dominion will be the best choice for you. Remember: there are no big differences between factions. All are strong and playable. One of the great things about ESO is the freedom of choice.

What faction is the best?

There is no best faction. The developers have made sure that all the factions are balanced. All the alliances of Tamriel are powerful and strong. Each has its own unique and interesting features. Nobody can tell you which is the best for you. If you do not know what alliance to choose start from choosing a race. It will make your decision easier.

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  1. Clint Forslund 29 january 2014, 12:08 # 0
    As a community leader for a gaming community that has over 500 members I find it extremely frustrating and debilitating both for TESO as a game and me as a gamer to limit the races to specific factions. I have approximately 40 to 50 people that I play with regularly in other MMO's who want to play TESO. However the simple fact that remains is that we won't be able to play together at all until we're max level and can faction swap if we choose different factions because of our favoured races. One of the greatest joys in playing an MMO is being able to level and play together with friends and you are taking away that ability.
    1. Ryan Grinstead 30 january 2014, 04:37 # 0
      They released today if you pre order the game then you can play any race in any faction.
      Look it up on facebook.
      1. Esonian 21 may 2020, 17:43 # 0
        That greatly depends on your playstyle. In Elder Scrolls Online, there are three major factions. Your faction choice will determine the ESO races that you can play, as well as your character’s starting area and allegiance. The three possibilities are: Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact (ref. eso factions). While mine pick is always the badass Daggerfall :D Always! Their passive skills assist with heavy armors and crafting, which makes them for the best faction to choose from. And it's not only my personal opinion, other players also share my point of view, just see the comments section here: www.playbuzz.com/jackoneil10/which-elder-scrolls-alliance-should-you-join.

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