The world of Elder Scrolls Online is full of interesting places for exploration. You can find a lot of different books during your adventures. The books contain stories, recepies, tips and information about lore. Sometimes you will be able to find a book required for Mages Guild.

Ancient Scrolls of the Dwemer was written by Marobar Sul. Can be found in Eidolon's Hollow
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  1. Jeff 20 june 2015, 06:04 # 0
    Hello everyone!
    I have just recently bought Elder Scrolls Online, and I had a somewhat irrelevant question. When you open the books in ESO, there is a particular font. What is the font used in the books in ESO? I really like the font and would like to use it because I write a lot. Also, keep in mind that I am nearly blind without my glasses, so if it was something obvious like Times New Roman or Arial, sorry I didn't know. Thank you everybody!
    1. Ambuaz 20 june 2015, 10:21 # 0
      Hello Jeff! That’s really unusual question. I don’t know the name of the font. Maybe the font was made specially for the game and it’s not available to public. I think you need to get in touch with ESO official support and ask them.
      1. Jeff 20 june 2015, 10:55 # 0
        Yeah, I know it's an unusual question, it's just that I am writing lesson plans for a class, and I just thought the font in the books was really nice, so was trying to figure out what it was. Okay, will do, I'll ask them. Thank you! :)

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