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Rewarding Fishing in ESO

By: Apple.Snowsong in: Game Guides
If you want to enjoy fishing in Tamriel, you will find plenty of opportunities to do so and also benefit from its advantages. This guide will help you to understand what fishing in ESO is, how to fish and how to benifit from…
Provisioning is one of the Crafts in the amazing game, Elder Scrolls Online. Do not let anybody tell you provisioning in ESO is not important, because cooking lets you easily make foods that give you ‘Buffs’ as good as spells…
If you played Skyrim, you should remember Companions. They were a group of fierce warriors who could transform into Werewolves to defeat their enemies. Elder Scrolls Online also gives you an opportunity to become a werewolf.
ZeniMax Online Studios have revealed official pricing and discounts a player receives for purchasing multiple months of game time.
We are all waiting for ESO launch. This Schedule will help you to find out when you are able to start playing the game. There will be 3 launch stages and each has its own schedule.
In the Elder Scrolls Online game-world you will need to know how to lock-pick to enable you to open various treasure chests, some locked doors and other locked items you will come across in your adventures.
Some players experience difficulties finding a way to enter and leave Cyrodiil. If you have never visited this PvP zone we recommend you to read this guide.
ZenimaxOnline has just announced an awesome set of new physical souvenirs for ESO fans – The Hero’s Guides To The Elder Scrolls Online. It is a set of 3 illustrated books and 1 lithography for all lore lovers and game fans.
The Elder Scrolls Online v0.18 presents new features in addition to tons of fixes and improvements to existing content based on tester feedback, and focuses on stability at high peak user load as we prep for launch day.

Siege Weapons

By: Ambuaz in: PvP Guides
Siege Weapons are very important in Alliance war. You can use the machines while taking or defending keeps or resources in Cyrodiil. You can buy siege equipment for alliance points or gold. Every PvP player must have at least…
It’s difficult to explore Tamriel without Mount. There will be only one type of mount when the game is released – horses. This guide will help you to get a horse and will tell you everything you need about mounts.
Inventory space in ESO is limited. When you start playing you have only 50 slots but it is possible to expand it purchasing extra space from Bag Merchants. They can be found in big cities of Tamriel.
Many of you guys take part in ESO Beta and have different characters. Some testers had chance to take part in more than 3 or 4 events and spent a lot of time for questing and leveling up.
ZeniMax sent new wave of Beta invites. The event will begin on the 28th of February at 12PM EDT and will end on the 2nd of March at 11:59PM EDT. MMORPG.com, Ten Ton Hammer and ZAM are giving away a lot of free keys.
All the next events will remain close and you will require invitation to be able to participate.
Blacksmithing is one of several professions in ESO. It allows to create heavy armor and different weapon using steel and other materials. This guide will help you to understand Blacksmithing fast.
Finally the Non-Disclosure Agreement has been lifted and now everyone can talk and discuss ESO Beta experience.
ESO Collector's Edition contains several digital and physical gifts that will make your gameplay amazing. Don't miss your chance to order the The Imperial Edition - only limited number of boxes is available.
ZeniMax Online finally announced bonuses that a player will receive for pre-ordering Elder Scrolls Online. Explorer’s Pack is one of them.
ZeniMax Online has finally showed group gameplay of Elder Scrolls Online game. The video also demonstrates a lot of visual effects. You must watch it guys!
Campaigns consist of different players, from different factions, who all fight in the same instance of Cyrodiil. Each campaign has it's own leaderboard and ongoing war for the ruby throne.
There are a lot of questions about how to create beta account for taking part in ESO Beta events. This guide will help you.
Being crowned Emperor is a hard road but the challenge is well worth it. You receive a lot of rewards: special skill line, armor set and ultimate powers. This guide explains exactly what makes an Emperor so powerful, and…
Several days ago Brian Wheeler was invited to Elitist Jerks forum to answer questions of ESO fans. It was an interesting event that brought some new information about the game.
Matt Firor, Game Director for ESO, announced that Elder Scrolls Online will be released for PC and Mac on April 4th, 2014. Beta testing will still continue for those you have yet to receive a key.
The last couple of weeks have been silent, with no interesting updates or materials about ESO after the release of the interactive map. But I felt that developers were preparing something big to show us.
The progression system in ESO is very open ended. There is a huge number of choices and you can chose how to develop the character. You can master a lot of skills and talents.
Some people call ESO “Skyrim Online” but this is misleading. Two games have a lot of similar features but are very different. This article will help you to compare TES V Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online.
Elder Scrolls Online has a schedule of post-launch updates. New content will be added pretty often. There is a lot of space for huge updates and new quests.

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Database, Community, Guides

Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most anticipated MMO games right now. A lot of TES fans are waiting for it because Bethesda Softworks has a great reputation and knows how to make interesting games; however, it is not enough to just have a great developer. The secret of any good MMO project is a unique world with its own lore. The ES world is very famous among gamers and that's why ESO has such great potential.


It is not an easy time in Nirn. Maybe it is the end. A lot of revenants and dark spirits appear in every part of Tamriel. Winters become colder. It becomes difficult to find food and survive. The world becomes dark.

Why does this happen?
Four years ago an arcane explosion of energy in the Imperial City changed Tamriel. A lot of Daedra came from oblivion and started to destroy everything. Molag Bal; Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement, started to build his Dark Anchors in order to merge Nirn and Oblivion. You are the hero and you can change the situation. Join one of the three powerful factions and save the world from collapse.

Information about the game:

Developers: Bethesda and ZeniMax. Bethesda is known as a great game developer with an awesome reputation and tons of experience. They say ZeniMax was developing unknown MMORPG for several years. Now we know that the secret MMORPG is TESO. The game was announced on the 3rd of May 2012.

Release Date: 04.04.2014 for both PC and Mac. A console version will also be available at some later date in June.

The game takes place 1000 years before Skyrim (TES V). That means all action will be during the “Second Era” (200 – 300 years before any of the other TES Games).

There will be three factions available in the game. Lion, Dragon, and Eagle (or phoenix) represent the different factions. You can find more information about the factions here - factions.

The market of online projects is developing very fast. We see many MMOs come out every year but these projects are not very exciting. It is very difficult to create a good online game without a good base. Every new MMORPG needs a unique universe and a good fan base. That’s why Elder Scrolls Online has all the right ingredients to become one of the greatest games in industry!

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