Molag Bal [NPC]

Molag Bal – Daedric prince of domination and enslavement, the main antagonist in Elder Scrolls Online. Sometimes he is called King of Rape or Harvester of Souls. He lives in Coldharbour in the Plane of Oblivion. It is a dangerous place that resembles a copy of Nirn but all desecrated and ruined, with cold air and sludged ground.

Statues often show him as a naked creature with human body and draconic head and tail. But it seems it is not the only appearance he has.

Prince of Domination has his evil army that consists mostly of Daedroths.

Though he is a powerful Daedric prince he has enemies among other gods. Boethia is his main enemy.

He is considered as a creator of the first Vampire. They say that Lord Harkon and his family were turned by Molag Bal himself. Molag Bal is responsible for many evil events such as destruction of the Bosmeri town of Gilverdale.

As in all the games in the Elder Scrolls Series, in the ESO there is a cosmic threat to Tamriel. In this case, the cosmic threat is coming from Molag Bal. He is the god of Schemes and his goal is always the enslavement of mortal souls. Using Daedric machines called Dark Anchors, he plans to merge the world of Tamriel with the realm of Coldharbour in Oblivion which is the realm he rules. He has a lot of allies in Tamriel. The most powerful is Lord Mannimarco – King of Worms and famous necromancer. He helps the Daedric Prince in his plans.

There is an ancient prophecy in the Elder Scrolls that says that the Soulless One will thwart Molag Bal’s plan and, in fact, the player is the Soulless One. At the very beginning of the game, Moag Bal steals player’s soul and during the course of the game he is trying to get it back.

In order to turn Molag Bal’s schemes against him, the player must go to Coldharbour – his Oblivion plane – and find out where his soul is being held and why. What is so special about his or her soul that Molag Bal keeps it secreted in such dangerous places and under such mighty wards and guards? If the player can do that and find allies of his or her own, then the player can turn the game against the god of Schemes himself and stop the merger of Oblivion and Tamriel.

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