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By: Jacob Abbasi in: ESO News and Updates
There were rumours that said in ESO you could only look in first person to see things up close and that unlike Skyrim and previous ES games you can't see your character swing his weapon or raise his hands. Well these rumours have been backed up by the developers of ESO and people over the internet are making their voices heard about the matter as it is very dear to everyone, including me.

The MMO players generally either don't care or agree that the first person shouldn't be used in an MMO game. In an MMO you are meant to be tactical and therefore to be able to see enemies and threats around you need to be able to use third person mainly, so it should encourage them to use third person.

On the opposite end of the scale there are the hardcore Elder Scrolls players who believe that it isn't an ES game without that full immersion of true first person, involving you being able to see your weapons and hands. The whole point of an Elder Scrolls game is to be able fully play it in RPG style and for that many people need that true first person ability.

Personally, I believe that in ESO there needs to be true first person, as Paul Sage and other developers of the game have said it is going to be Elder Scrolls but online and I believe this isn't possible wihtout the ability of controlling your character as if it is you in the world of Tamriel. The target of this game is to bring the MMO and the ES crowd together in one great game, but the ES crowd are going to be very unhappy when they discover their favourite game hasn't got the ability to actually RP (Role Play) the way people want to. Therefore, I sincerly hope they change this for realease as it will be a complete deal-breaker for many ES fans.

Please make your opinion heard!
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