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NOTE: This is not an addon. It's a feature that was removed.

Elder Scrolls Online Minimap

The minimap, or mini map, is a circular, zoom-able overhead view of the area around your character.

There is no minimap in ESO now, because it was exchanged with compass (like in Skyrim). Developers noticed that the original minimap didn't stimulate players to explore the world. Many of the players were looking at the minimap and didn't pay enough attention to what's going around. They saw it in one of beta tests and decided to remove minimap from ESO and add compas instead..

- Your character is in the center of the minimap. He is represented by a blue arrow that points the direction your character is facing. White lines show you coverage - the area you can see on your screen (1/4 of the surrounding world).

You can also see other important nearby objects. Each group has its own icons.

Minimap is a useful tool because it helps to orient oneself and move towards your goal without looking at Global Map.

Zoom buttons are situated below the map. Use the buttons to increase or decrease the size of the showing area.

Location name

The name of current location can be found below zoom area. When you enter a new location the displayed name will be changed.

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  1. Thomas Schweitzer 08 february 2014, 17:53 # 0
    without the minimap i always loose my orientation and i loose my team members…
    the minimap is very important for the gameplay
    please patch it back in the game for confortable gameplay
    without there is no orientation and you have to look at the big map every few minutes...terrible
    1. Shane Crenshaw 11 february 2014, 15:53 # 0
      I completely agree with Thomas. I feel like the minimap is an essential part of the game that should be added back because I lose my friends and I have to keep checking my map ever couple of minutes.
      1. Tim Litzenberger 31 march 2014, 06:50 # +2
        Where do I click to download this?!
        1. Jean-Pascal Reglat 01 april 2014, 18:00 # 0
          where is download link?
          1. Jason 23 april 2014, 11:49 # 0
            nice i want it
            1. Tavren 28 april 2014, 09:28 # 0
              in all MMORPG, minimap helps me to explore world and orient in place, i think that be a nice, if developers add minimap in ESO, maybe as option what i want to have for navigate: minimap, compass or both

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