First Beta invites were sent!

By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

Congratulations to all ESO fans! First wave of beta invites was sent and the Beta was started. It is a great step forward for ZeniMax.

Check your e-mail! Today, we sent a small wave of invitations to The Elder Scrolls Online beta

ESO team tells that the first wave of beta invites is small and only few people will get the invitation. So do not worry if your mail box is empty. It is just the beginning and there will be a lot of events in future.

How to make sure that your application was received?
Some people think that there was something wrong with sign up process and that they did not receive invitation to the first event because their application was not received. Well, it is easy to check whether your data was sent and received correctly. If you got the confirmation e-mail after the sign-up your data was received correctly. If you did not get the confirmation e-mail – you have problems. Read more about this at our Beta page.

Second wave of invitations

We think that the second wave will take place in the beginning of the next week. Developers told that all events will generally be held on weekends in the beginning. That means the first beta event will be in the end of this week.

Beta scam
The beginning of closed beta is a great event not only for fans of Elder Scrolls Online. Some people can use this event to get access to your personal data by offering "beta keys" or "exclusive beta invites". Do not trust such offers. It is scam. If you do not want to suffer from such offers read our article “How to avoid BETA key scam?

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    1. Veld 27 march 2013, 03:36 # 0
      1. Marc Dommröse 10 september 2013, 06:53 # 0
        That´s very cool. I hope you invite me too :D. I LOVE TES and hope that i can play the beta of ESO
        1. Jan Horejsek 11 september 2013, 23:07 # 0
          yep there is lot of beta scams, but lots of people want to play :) If there is some sort of pre-order with beta key ...i am sure loads of people would do that. Probably too much people :D thats why its not possible.
          Happy about new ingame video from Quakecon, finaly real peek on gameplay! and it look realy good AI of enemy, gr8 voiced npcs, travel system (teleporting and horse) abilities and their progress tree, active blocking and avoiding.
          didnt see any warding yet (introduced in skyrim, and i think its important for some PvP balancing)
          1. Patrick Thongbok 22 november 2013, 18:20 # 0
            YES! I've got the beta testing key, I hope you guys get them too, Good luck.
            1. Marko Petrovic 26 november 2013, 08:54 # 0
              I hope I get one also :P im a big elder scrolls fan :3
              1. Mitsakos Trelakos 27 december 2013, 01:08 # 0
                i want it plz i want that invite
                1. John Kaoumi 03 january 2014, 22:00 # 0
                  Nice! I hope I get one soon. Oblivion and Skyrim are the most AWESOME games I've ever played in my whole life. I like how we can customize our character and can do MANY stuff that we can't do in other games. The graphics, the gameplay, the story. All of those are perfect.
                  1. Charlie Dorman 23 february 2014, 16:31 # 0
                    Hope i get beta soon cant wait (:
                    1. Dylan Ray 28 february 2014, 01:06 # 0
                      can i have a number some one please

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