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Inventory is a very important part of any online game. A player browses and uses it during the whole game. Developers of Elder Scrolls Online paid a lot of attention to creating a comfortable inventory system.

Inventory in Elder Scrolls Online is based on slots and has familiar list style. You can browse it by clicking “I” button on the keyboard. Do you remember inventory in Skyrim? ESO has similar system in general. You are able to view all your items on one page or view items, sorted by categories on special pages. Each category has its own tab. For example there is a page where you can see all your weapons.

Each player receives 50 slots in the beginning but this number can be increased. This guide will help you to increase inventory size: How to increase inventory space. Though getting extra space costs a lot of money it is a really good investment, especially for crafters.

Most of the items you find occupy 1 slot. Similar crafting resources also occupy 1 slot. If there is no free space you will not be able to pick up an item or crafting resources and you will have to free some space. You can either destroy, sell or deposit an item in your bank to get more free space. The bank has also limited space and is account-wide. All your characters from the sane account are using the same bank.


It is not a secret that inventory in MMO games must be comfortable. There must be several different sorting options. Elder Scrolls Online allows to sort items by their category. You can filter and see all weapons, armor and so on. Every new item you find can be found in the beginning of the list of items and has special sign that indicates that it is a new item.

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  1. Matt Foster 17 december 2013, 20:49 # 0
    I wasn't sure where to post this where I might get an answer but here it goes. What will happen if the group finds a deadric item will everyone get the same item or one that suits there class or will we have to be good sports and let the one that will gain the most from such item tough question I know?????
    1. Duelist 18 december 2013, 00:42 # 0
      Yes, the question is tough and I also want to know answer. All we know so far is: each player receives his own loot from a monster/boss. There is no information about how the game choses what to give you.

      Will the same daedric items have different stats depending on your class? We can only speculate. But I think that each powerful daedric artifact will have its own stats. Classes in the game don’t determine your real role and it is difficult to give you the item that suits your role… Anyway it is only my thoughts.

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