How to avoid BETA key scam?

Elder Scrolls Online BETA is a great event and many ESO fans are waiting for it. ZeniMax received a lot of sign-ups and thousands of candidates are waiting for invitation. But some websites use this situation to deceive people for their own benefits. Read this article and you will know how to avoid BETA key scam.

ESO beta is very popular topic now. It is easy to attract attention of any gamer by placing a banner or a link with an offer telling: “Click here and receive your Elder Scrolls Online beta key” or “Take part in our beta key giveaway” We have seen several websites that abuse the trustfulness of people. Such sites tell visitors that they can receive their long hoped-for invitation after following several steps. A trusting visitor will probably follow the required steps and receive… a computer virus.

The danger of such tricky offers is underestimated by many internet users. People usually think that a single click will not be able to harm their computer. But it is a big mistake. The practice shows that you can download a dangerous computer virus that can block your PC or even steal your personal data.

Scam websites use different techniques to trick visitors. One of the most popular techniques is to offer special software to a visitor. They write that this software should help to get the key or invitation. But the real goal of such program is to harm you; should never install suspicious software provided by such websites, especially if the software promises ESO keys or exclusive beta access. We do not recommend to install such software even if you have a good antivirus program with a firewall. Who knows, maybe your antivirus program will not be able to detect a threat. Don't even give it a chance to fraud you.

You should know that the probability of receiving a beta key or invite from unofficial Elder Scrolls Online website is equal to nil. All beta keys and invitations will be sent from official ESO e-mail to the e-mail you entered at the sign up-page. The only way to take part in beta is to fill special form at the official website of the game and to wait for personal invitation from official support staff.

How to avoid scam?

1) The first and the most important rule is to use only official ESO website (or official ESO pages in social networks) for checking information about BETA invites / updates.

2) Do not click links that promise keys or guaranteed invites. Especially if you see such links on unknown websites or if the link is provided by unknown person.

3) Never install software that promises you the key after installation. It is trick created by scammers, the fact that a site offers ESO beta keys makes this site suspicious.

4) Be patient. Wait for official invitation from Elder Scrolls Online; this will be received by e-mail if you are chosen.

We think that these tips will help you to protect your private data from scammers.

Advice from this article will be more important after the official start of the beta. It is easy to predict that many fans of Elder Scrolls Online will not be invited to first BETA events and will probably try other ways to get in. They will start to search for keys or invitations at other websites. We have already listed why you should not do it. Remember: BETA will consist of many different events. If you are not invited to the upcoming event don’t panic. Maybe your skills will be required in the next one. Developers told that there will be a lot of events and large number of testers will be involved.

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  1. Bruce Watson 19 november 2013, 17:43 # 0
    I have just received an email invite ostensibly from ESO to the beta for this weekend. There is a key provided in the email for the beta. But the only way to sign in to the beta is through a link (a long complicated link) in the email. Since I cannot validate that link, in an email I certainly was not expecting, I will probably not be participating in the beta. There are too many sophisticated phishing operations out there for me to take this email at face value. I hope you have a successful beta test, but if you cannot publish instructions to get to the beta through a known, legitimate website I will have to pass.
    1. Lawrence Stark 20 november 2013, 16:54 # 0
      Just received one also, and it appears to be working. :S
      1. Dylan Lepper 20 november 2013, 19:34 # 0
        its real if its from
        1. Kevon Cochran 21 november 2013, 01:28 # 0
          Something told me to check my email and, wow cx im just so excited, I wonder if im going to be playing with you guys, if so we can team up in game. :D
          1. Duelist 21 november 2013, 01:39 # 0
            I would play with you with great pleasure, but I was not invited. Hope next BETA wave will bring me the key :)
          2. Neptune Miyazuki 21 november 2013, 07:37 # 0
            Well i'm in… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
            1. llllBunnyllll 22 november 2013, 06:33 # 0
              Lucky ^^
            2. llllBunnyllll 22 november 2013, 06:30 # 0
              Someone by the name of Kyle Reed is stating he is giving away beta keys says he already has two for some reason. Wondering if Scam.
              1. Duelist 22 november 2013, 06:53 # 0
                Well, it is possible (theoretically). Maybe he signed up from different computers and e-mails. But the probability of getting 2 keys is very low. There are many guys who didn’t get the invite and I would not thrust that guy who tells that he got 2 or even more.

                Maybe it is a joke. There are a lot of people who like such jokes.
                1. Tim Engeman 11 february 2014, 15:44 # 0
                  0/10… would not thrust
              2. Aj Wetzel 22 november 2013, 17:12 # 0
                i cant connect to the server in the beta test now, its open and i have validated beta key and everything

                1. Brian Olson 22 november 2013, 18:12 # 0
                  It says i am not allowed to use this beta key what do i do?
                  1. Filip Lauvstad 07 january 2014, 12:54 # 0
                    Got one to! i am so excited for friday 6:00 PM!
                    1. Nils van Tongerlo 07 january 2014, 13:39 # 0
                      he guys i think i got 1 but i don't know if i can trust it it looks really trusteble but its from the sender
                      if 1 of you guys know if this is the real tell me play
                      1. Morten Ottosen 07 january 2014, 17:27 # 0
                        for anyone who thinks hes invite is a scam!!! check this::


                        this is the answer for what emo email is real…

                        1. Morten Ottosen 07 january 2014, 17:28 # 0
                          btw NILS VAN TONGERLO!!! yes thats the real deal… i just got my invite aswell ^^
                        2. Marius Engebretsen 07 january 2014, 18:39 # 0
                          I got my beta invite today, wohoo!!!
                          1. Branden Greene 09 january 2014, 07:48 # 0
                            I got my invite in my email but when I try to click the link «here» to make an account it goes to blank load screen and times out or something. Can you download the game before your Beta time starts?
                            1. Duelist 09 january 2014, 08:14 # 0
                              Official site is under maintainance now. The maintenance on The Elder Scrolls Online account system starts at 9:00 PM EST 1/8/14. During this time, the account system will not be available. You will have to wait…
                            2. Tomasz Kasiński 10 january 2014, 11:05 # 0
                              This is not fair! I ahve signed for beta ages ago — I was forced to fill 2 pages survey etc. Next I was classified as excellent! Then two of my friends who did nothing apart of submitting beta requests got their keys — and I was left with nothing :(
                              1. Branden Greene 10 january 2014, 21:29 # 0
                                I still cannot access the download for the beta thru my email. I have emailed them with no response. My time starts in 3 hours and I am very pissed off right now!!!
                                1. Jesse Chen 10 january 2014, 21:42 # 0
                                  i got the email but theres no link to sign up
                                  1. camey1347 31 january 2014, 17:58 # 0
                                    this may sound like a stupid question but do they do beta's for the xbox 360 ????
                                    1. Duelist 31 january 2014, 18:17 # 0
                                      There will no be version for XBox 360. Only for PC, Mac, PS4, XBox One.
                                    2. Sam Uel 08 february 2014, 18:50 # 0
                                      je suis français, j'ai un MAC et ne comprend absolument rien à la façon dont pouvoir télécharger la version beta! help me please!
                                      1. Ted Wachtmeister 12 february 2014, 15:23 # 0
                                        How to get a key to the beta version, do I have to buy it.
                                        1. Ambuaz 12 february 2014, 16:32 # 0
                                          No, you need to sign up for BETA here and wait for invitation
                                        2. Jared Ash 14 february 2014, 03:57 # 0
                                          Once you get a beta key can you play automatically with every other beta wave?

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