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What are the main differences between combat system of ESO and other games? There are a few things:
Every build in Elder Scrolls Online is powerful and playable. There are a lot of MMO games with huge variety of builds but only 1 or 2 are good. ESO does not have so many builds but every build is unique and awesome. That’s because every build in the game has its own unique skills. There are several options available in a given time but all of them are really cool. All skills and builds were tested and the balance is good.

Synergy System

Players can work together in a direct way. Allies can take advantages of some of your abilities and you can take advantage of their skills. For example a rogue can drop oil bottle on the ground and a fire mage can burn the oil so it will deal AOE damage. It is only one example of players’ interaction. There are a lot of ways to help each other during the game. If you use your skills according to other players’ actions you will be able to kill enemies faster.

It is interesting that such system is also used by NPCs. When you enter the area and see a rogue and a mage be careful. They can do the same things as players. The combat becomes more strategic and dynamic. You will have to use your skills carefully in order to win. Monsters are clever and will not let you kill them easy. That’s great because many MMO players are tired of easy PvE battles.

Difference between combats in PvP and PvE

PvE battles will help you to prepare for PvP. It is unusual because in most MMOs player has to use different builds against monsters and other players. ESO is going to change it. PvP combats are very similar to PvE. That does not mean that PvP is boring. No. That means that PvE is dynamic and will require much more attention than in other games. That’s because monsters can use synergy. They will also have advanced intellect. For example a group of archers will not let you to com close and kill them. They will move and you will have to use your skills to reach them. ZeniMax do their best to make monsters and NPCs think like real players.

About Blocking

Blocking is a very useful skill. It requires stamina and you will have to spend your stamina to use block. There are several types of block. Each requires different amount of stamina and works differently. You will have to think before using your block.

There are rewards for reacting properly during combats. For example if a monster attacks you, you can use your block and if it is successful a monster will lose balance. You will have time for your attack. It is a good bonus. Moreover, if you react properly and fast you get more experience and receive levels faster. You can even get special items for doing everything in time.

How to understand if the monster is going to use powerful attack? Well, monsters do not have cast bars. Everything can be seen on your screen. If a huge giant takes his sword and lifts it above his head you understand that he is going to hit you with a strong ability. Everything is visualized. Developers want to make you watch on the monster instead of watching on your cast bars or somewhere else. You need to watch and react properly.
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