Achievements in ESO

Elder Scrolls Online has a huge list of Achievements that show your progress in different aspects of the game. Their role is to offer you new challenges and make your gameplay more interesting. All of them are divided into several groups: PvP, PvE, quest, exploration, dungeon, crafting and so on. For example Quest section show your progress in completing large quest chains or your questing progress in a specific zone. Lore section shows your progress in gathering lore books and other information. The challenges are different and require different actions from player. Exploration accomplishments can be earned through visiting different parts of a zone, PvP – through participating in AvA war.

Item Title Category Style Craftable
A Bloody Business General
A Crown of Your Own Trousers Guilds
A Crypt for Two Death Challenges
A Cutpurse Above Thieves Guild
A Delve a Day Orsinium
A Dish Served Cold Death Challenges
A Gift from Orsinium Orsinium
A Life Deferred Thieves Guild
A Rule Unquestioned Aldmeri Dominion
A World On Fire Death Challenges
Aba-Loria Explorer Coldharbour
Abah's Watch Style Master Thieves Guild
Abomination Slayer Ebonheart Pact
Adventurer General
Aetherian Archive Completed Trials
Aetherian Archive Conqueror Trials
Aetherian Archive Difficult Mode Trials
Akaviri Style Master General
Alasan's Devastation Daggerfall Covenant
Aldmeri Dominion Conqueror Public Dungeons
Aldmeri Dominion Style Master General
Aldmeri Master Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Aldunz Ruins Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Adventurer Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Angler Fishing
Alik'r Desert Cave Delver Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Master Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Pathfinder Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
All Wrapped Up Death Challenges
Alliance Gladiator Imperial City
Alliance Style Master General
Alliance War August Palatine Cyrodiil
Alliance War Brigadier Cyrodiil
Alliance War Captain Cyrodiil
Alliance War Centurion Cyrodiil
Alliance War Colonel Cyrodiil
Alliance War Corporal Cyrodiil
Alliance War First Sergeant Cyrodiil
Alliance War General Cyrodiil
Alliance War Grand Overlord Cyrodiil
Alliance War Grand Warlord Cyrodiil
Alliance War Legate Cyrodiil
Alliance War Legionary Cyrodiil
Alliance War Lieutenant Cyrodiil
Alliance War Major Cyrodiil
Alliance War Overlord Cyrodiil
Alliance War Palatine Cyrodiil
Alliance War Praetorian Cyrodiil
Alliance War Prefect Cyrodiil
Alliance War Recruit Cyrodiil
Alliance War Sergeant Cyrodiil
Alliance War Tribune Cyrodiil
Alliance War Tyro Cyrodiil
Alliance War Veteran Cyrodiil
Alliance War Volunteer Cyrodiil
Alliance War Warlord Cyrodiil
Always Travel Separately Thieves Guild
Ammabani Ambusher Ebonheart Pact
An Eye For Details Thieves Guild
An Unsparing Harvest Witches Festival
Anarume Bounty Hunter Aldmeri Dominion
Anchor Decimator General
Anchor Demolisher General
Anchor Destroyer General
Anchor Devastator General
Anchors Away General
Ancient Orc Style Master Orsinium
And Then They Were Gone Thieves Guild
Anka-Ra Consecrationist Craglorn
Anomalous Scholar Craglorn
Anvil Murder Spree Dark Brotherhood
Apprentice Crafting Harvester General
Apprentice Deconstructor General
Apprentice Decorator Decorating
Apprentice of Refinement General
Arcane Decree Champion
Arch-Mage Guilds
Argent Mine Explorer Orsinium
Argonian Slayer Cyrodiil
Armene's Bane Ebonheart Pact
Arx Corinium Assassin Speed Challenges
Arx Corinium Conqueror General
Arx Corinium Survivor Survivor Challenges
Arx Corinium Vanquisher Group Dungeons
Asard's Assassin Daggerfall Covenant
Ash'abah Hero Daggerfall Covenant
Aspect Enchanting
Assassin Dark Brotherhood
Assassins League Style Master Dark Brotherhood
Associate of the Fighters Guild Guilds
Atanaz Ruins Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Atronach Element Collector General
Auridon Adventurer Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Angler Fishing
Auridon Cave Delver Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Master Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Pathfinder Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Avancheznel Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Azura's Ally Daggerfall Covenant
Bad Man's Group Event Public Dungeons
Bad Man's Hallows Conqueror Public Dungeons
Bad Man's Hallows Vanquisher Public Dungeons
Bahraha's Gloom Explorer Thieves Guild
Bal Foyen Pathfinder Ebonheart Pact
Bal Foyen Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Balamath Explorer Craglorn
Balreth's Bane Ebonheart Pact
Bandit Lord Bounty Hunter Aldmeri Dominion
Bane of the Gold Coast Dark Brotherhood
Bangkorai Adventurer Daggerfall Covenant
Bangkorai Angler Fishing
Bangkorai Cave Delver Daggerfall Covenant
Bangkorai Garrison Liberator Daggerfall Covenant
Bangkorai Master Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Bangkorai Pathfinder Daggerfall Covenant
Bangkorai Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Banished Cells I Assassin Speed Challenges
Banished Cells I Conqueror General
Banished Cells I Survivor Survivor Challenges
Banished Cells I Vanquisher Group Dungeons
Banished Cells II Assassin Speed Challenges
Banished Cells II Conqueror General
Banished Cells II Survivor Survivor Challenges
Banished Cells II Vanquisher Group Dungeons
Barrow Trench Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Bast Harvester Clothier
Bastard's Tomb Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Beacon in the Night Shadows of the Hist
Bearclaw Mine Explorer Daggerfall Covenant
Beetle Scuttle Alchemy
Beralagr Hunter Ebonheart Pact
Betnikh Pathfinder Daggerfall Covenant
Betnikh Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Bewan Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Big Ozur's Bane Aldmeri Dominion
Big Score Imperial City
Bittergreen Obliterator Ebonheart Pact
Black Market Mogul Justice
Black Maw Shrine Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Black Vine Ruins Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Blackest Sacrament Dark Brotherhood
Blackheart Haven Assassin Speed Challenges
Blackheart Haven Conqueror General
Blackheart Haven Survivor Survivor Challenges
Blackheart Haven Vanquisher Group Dungeons
Bleakrock and Bal Foyen Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Bleakrock Angler Fishing
Bleakrock Isle Pathfinder Ebonheart Pact
Bleakrock Skyshard Hunter Skyshards
Blessed Crucible Assassin Speed Challenges
Blessed Crucible Conqueror General
Blessed Crucible Survivor Survivor Challenges
Blessed Crucible Vanquisher Group Dungeons
Blessed Thistle Alchemy
Blind Luck Shadows of the Hist
Blockbuster Imperial City
Blood Feud Ebonheart Pact
Blood Tour Dark Brotherhood
Bloodcaller's Ruin Daggerfall Covenant
Blooded Duelist General
Bloodmayne Cave Explorer Cyrodiil
Blue Entoloma Alchemy
Bone Grappler's Bane Aldmeri Dominion
Bonesnap Ruins Conqueror Public Dungeons
Bonesnap Ruins Group Event Public Dungeons
Bonesnap Ruins Vanquisher Public Dungeons
Botanist Alchemy
Breaking and Entering Thieves Guild
Breakneck Cave Explorer Cyrodiil
Brethren Benefactor Dark Brotherhood
Breton Slayer Cyrodiil
Broken Helm Hollow Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Broken Tusk Explorer Ebonheart Pact
Broken Wheel Thieves Guild
Brolsgerbwd's Bane Coldharbour
Brood Queen Destroyer Daggerfall Covenant
Bruma Adventurer Cyrodiil
Bugloss Alchemy
Burial at Sea Death Challenges
Buried Sands Explorer Craglorn
Burroot Kwama Mine Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
But I'd Say It's Rather Fetching Guilds
Butcher Justice
Butterfly Wing Alchemy
Call of the Undaunted General
Canonreeve Reaver Death Challenges
Capstone Cave Explorer Cyrodiil
Captain Bones Destroyer Ebonheart Pact
Capture a Resource Cyrodiil
Carac Dena Explorer Aldmeri Dominion
Castle of the Worm Main Quest
Catch of the Day Death Challenges
Cave of Trophies Explorer Coldharbour
Celestial Investigator Craglorn
Celestial Style Master General
Centurion's Ruin Coldharbour
Certified Jack-of-All-Trades General
Chainbreaker General

How to get an achievement?

You need to accomplish certain condition that can be found in the description. When it is done new achievement will be added. Every time you get a new accomplishment you receive definite amount of special achievement points. The amount of points depends on the difficulty of the task. The more difficult it is the more points you get. You will receive many achievements during your questing and explorations but sometimes you will have to do special actions to get one.

You can see your overall progress in a special window where total points and detailed statistics is displayed. You can see what you need to do in order to gain definite accomplishment. You can use this screen as an indicator of your in game activity. For example if you see that you have many Dungeon achievements and have no AvA accomplishments you pay a lot of attentions to raiding. Maybe you should try to visit Cyrodiil to try PvP side of Elder Scrolls Online.

Achievements in ESO are not just for fun. You can get special gear, skills and other rewards. Try to get as many points as you can.

Achievement Tracker

If you really want to get all possible rewards and complete all tasks it's recommended to use Wykkyd Achievement Tracker (you can download it from ESOUI). It will help you to track your progress. Here are all the features:

  • Multiple achievements tracking
  • Displays how many goals you have reached
  • Displays detailed or simplified view of the tasks you need to complete
  • Can notify player if there is an update in his progress. Plugin can do this through chat or in upper right corner. Notification is shown every 25% of total progress or at any other value.
  • Automatically detects all the achievements in current zone and tracks them
  • Keybinds for switching on and off this great plugin and notifications

As you see the tracker may help you a lot. You will not need to open your journal every time you wish to check your progress or see the requirements. The plugin will do everything for you and will display the results. It's a must have addon if you have a goal to unlock them all.

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