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Elder Scrolls Online is a great game with very good potential because ZeniMax Online consists of professional game developers and it can be seen at the screenshots. Screenshots and videos show that ESO world is made using good game engine. Every fan knows that ZeniMax Online had licensed HeroEngine not so long ago (it is a relatively new game engine used in Star Wars: The Old Republic). There were a lot of rumors about HeroEngine in TES online after the game was announced. Some people say that it is used in Elder Scrolls Online. What engine will actually be used in ESO? Let’s find out.

ESO and HeroEngine

Let me tell you some facts about HeroEngine. ZeniMax Online started the company from scratch. They did not have technologies in the beginning and they had to create new MMO engine themselves. That’s why they created and licensed HeroEngine. It was used in Star Wars: The Old Republic and they started using it for Elder Scrolls Online. It was a useful tool for developers to use to prototype areas and game design concepts, and it provided the ability to get art into the game that was visible. It helped to work on the game’s art style. Developers tell that HeroEngine was used as a good tool to get some new ideas in the game. But it does not mean that it will be used in the final version of the game without any changes. ZeniMax tell that HeroEngine helped them to get started. But final version of Elder Scrolls Online will have its own unique engine. Everything in the game’s engine will be written for this game. ESO will be a new MMO with its own features. Developers say that the main difference between ESO and other MMO games will be advanced social features. It is impossible to implement such changes without modifying engine.

Anyway engine is only a basis of a game. It does not define what kind of content, or even what type of game, will be made. Stability, graphical awesomeness, and other features depend on the ability of programmers and designers. Everything depends on how all features will be realized. Even a super engine will not help if the staff is not professional. ZeniMax have only professional game developers in the team. It guarantees that the game will have very high quality and the game will be stable, beautiful and interesting.

About System Requirements

Here is a new in game screenshot with Black Marsh on it. As you can see ZeniMax is not wasting time. Last screenshots show that the game is looking better and better. It will have very good graphics and of course will require a strong computer. But do not worry. ZeniMax is going to make it run on both PC and Mac that have been bought in the last five years. It is good news for those gamers whose computers are not very fast. Developers are going to make high quality graphics and gameplay for all gamers. They are writing engine that will allow running the game using both old and modern computers. It will require ZeniMax to write their own renderer with own shaders. Of course modern computers will show all game’s beauty but players with slow computers will also be able to play and have a lot of fun.

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