Big-Eared Ginger Kitten Pet: Detailed Guide

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This is a complete step by step guide with a detailed explanation of how to get Big-Eared Ginger Kitten pet. It is a new pet added to the Elder Scrolls Online with the release of Summerset update. This is a really cute animal and it has got some amazing animation. That’s the reason why you may want to obtain it. It's a really great one to pick up if you're a collector.

Big-Eared Ginger Kitten

The only requirement to get this pet is to have purchased the Somerset expansion for the Elder Scrolls online. There are no extra requirements.

As any other non-combat pet in the game, it won't be helping you in battle. So it’s just a fun animal.

There are several ways of getting this pet: grinding, purchasing runestone parts in guild stores, purchasing the Kitten rune directly.

Grinding Items

To get this little Kitty you'll first need to collect seven items that you'll need to take care of the kitten. These items are:

  • Big-Eared Ginger Kitten’s “Care and feeding” Guide
  • Bait mouse
  • Collar
  • Feather toy
  • Milk saucer
  • Sleeping basket
  • Tag

Item Drops

Luckily, all seven of those items can be found in the same place. They're all rare drops from enemies in a public dungeon called Karnwasten. It is located in the northwestern corner of Somerset's main island.

You'll need to head there and then continually kill enemies until you get lucky enough to get all seven unique drops. The fastest way to get to the dungeon is to travel to the Crystal Tower wayshrine and then simply head north to the dungeon.

Karnwasten Public Dungeon

Keep in mind that this is a public dungeon. It's not an instance like the 4 men dungeons you can queue for. You can and likely will see other players inside questing exploring or farming for mobs or XP.

Every mob inside of the Karnwasten dungeon has a chance to drop every item in the set. It's not just the humans or just the animals. Every mob inside of the dungeon can drop all seven pieces of the pet set. You don't need to worry about killing certain mobs while avoiding others.

If you're a player who's level is 50 with 160 or more Champion Points then you should be able to solo everything inside this dungeon with ease. I'm a brand new player who still doesn't really know my build rotations that well and even I had no problem farming mob packs by myself inside of this dungeon.

If you're a lower level without all your skills unlocked yet or if you're playing a build that just doesn't have much shielding or self-healing then you may struggle to farm these mobs at a reasonable pace by yourself. Luckily Elder Scrolls isn't Skyrim it's an MMO. You can just invite people to help you out while at the grinding. You can team up with friends, guild members or even just random people inside the dungeon to help you clear the mobs more easily and quickly.

Keep in mind that Elder Scrolls has a diminishing returns policy for groups which means the more people there are in your group the less experience you'll get per mob. If you're looking to get decent XP while farming you definitely want to keep your group to a maximum of two.

Speaking of experience, that's another cool thing about trying to collect this pet it's a great way to gain experience and money while leveling up. I can't give you a set experience per hour rate because XP in this game is scaled based on your level. But this dungeon is a spot that effectively knocks out three birds with one stone: good experience, good profit and a chance at the Big-Eared Ginger Kitten.

This dungeon is a great little built-in circle rotation. You can just follow the route highlighted on screen and clear all the mobs you see along the way. By the time you get back to the start of the loop the mobs will definitely have respawned.

Unless there's someone else there competing with you for your kills you should be able to constantly be killing mobs a hundred percent of the time that you're inside the dungeon.

All the drops you are looking for are purple items. They should be hard to miss in the loot pile. Just make sure you loot everything and pay attention that you don't miss any because these drops are pretty rare and it would be brutal to miss a drop without realizing that one appeared.

Unfortunately drops you've already received towards the pet are not removed from the drop table which means that you can get the same piece multiple times before getting the one that you need.

As for me, I ended up getting a second bait mouse before I got my first collar. In fact it took me 12 drops in total before I got all seven unique. I ended up with five duplicate pieces.

The duplicate drops can get pretty frustrating but they sell for a pretty penny on the guild store. Just consider them a nice spike in profit. Also keep in mind that if you're in a group you can actually trade pieces among group members.

If you happen to get a drop that you've already had but someone in your group hasn't had yet, you can give them that drop. Using groups can be a great way to negate the duplicates and help you complete your set a little bit quicker.

Me or the group I was in average one drop out of every approximate 500 mobs. When you take into account that this drop can be one you've already obtained it can take you several thousand kills to get the entire set.

It took me over 10 hours of farming to complete all seven pieces and though this sounds like a lot of time for a pet that's only cosmetic and doesn't actually benefit you in any way. You got a factor in that I made over a hundred thousand golden profits and gained a lot of CP along the way. It made the grind more than worth it in my opinion. Plus since this pet is brand new I haven't seen a single other player have it follow them around in game.

Purchasing items

If you are tired of grinding, you can buy one or all the items from guild stores. This will save you time but you will have to spend a lot for all the items. You may try to grind for the items first and then buy the items you don’t have.

Getting a Pet

Once you've got all seven pieces of the set simply right-click any one of them in your inventory and select the Use option to combine them and get the Big-Eared Ginger Kitten Runestone.

Big-Eared Ginger Kitten Runestone

Pay attention: this Runestone can be purchased! So if you have a lot of gold and don’t want to spend your time you may try to buy it from gild stores.

Now right click and use this rune stone to unlock the pet. Open your collections tab and under non-combat pets you should see your brand new kitten. Right click and select Set active on the kitten to have it follow you around in game.



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