Buy Elder Scrolls Online | Pre-Order Avaliable!

Elder Scrolls Online is now available for Pre-order! You can order it now, and won't be charged until you receive the game after release. This is ideal for those of you who want to receive ESO right after the official release, without any hassle. There will be a long queue, so we recommend you reserve your place now in order to guarantee you get it on time.

Benefits of pre-ordering:

  • You do not have to pay until your order is ready for shipping.
  • You can book your place and will be among the first to receive the game.
  • If the release date is changed your pre order will also be corrected, so no need to worry.
  • No risks. You pay for the real purchase and can cancel it at any time.

How to buy?

There are 2 ways. You can wait until the release date, or you can make a pre-order right now.

When is the release date?

The Official Press release, published by Bethesda, confirmed that the game will be released in Spring 2014. But the exact date is unknown. Amazon shows December 31, 2014 but that's because the date is not set. If you make a pre order you will receive notifications abut any changes.

What does “Pre-order” mean?

“Pre-order” options exist for unreleased projects only. It means you can place your order in a queue and your purchase will be processed after the game becomes available. You do not pay anything until that day. You will be charged for the real purchase only when your order is ready for shipping.

Can I cancel my Pre-order?

Yes, it's possible to cancel the pre-order at any time. Using the link above you can pre-order, and as simply, you can cancel it by revisiting Amazon. Note: Other shops may not have a similar policy, so we recommended using the provided links to make your purchase.


Every buyer receives 1 month of game time for free. This gives new players an opportunity to get familiar with the game, which is great. If you wish to continue playing after the first month is over, you need to buy a subscription. The cost of 1 month of game time is $14.99. But you can purchase multiple months at a time and get a discount. ESO offers 3 game time packages: 30 days, 90 days and 180 days. Prices are in the list below:

30 days 90 days 180 days
Cost of 30 days $14.99 $13.99 $12.99
Total Cost $14.99 $41.97 $77.94
You save (compared to monthly payments) $3 $12

You can pay this subscription fee using several payment options: MasterCard, Visa or you can use special Time Cards.

Time Card

A Time card allows you to get extra game time. Purchase time card, activate it and continue your adventures in Tamriel. There are different cards available: 1 month, 3 months and 6 month. You do not have to use the card yourself. They also make great gifts for any players of ESO .

Comments ()

  1. Eric Marczely 09 november 2013, 11:51 # 0
    so i have to pay $180 a year? will there be any deals or is that just it. Thats a lot of money and a lot of the people that are interested in this game are kids like me who have school and no job.
    1. Duelist 10 november 2013, 05:40 # 0
      Yes, $180 (without discount) if we talk about subscription only. But do not forget that you need to buy the game itself. Thus the first year will cost: the game itself $59,99 and 1 month free + 14.99*11 = $224.8 (without discount) for the first year.

      Matt Firor mentioned that there will be discounts if you buy multiple months at a time. It is unknown how large the discounts will be.

      We know that the game will be with monthly subscription, so I expect discounts for buying 3, 6, 9 and 12 month of game time. Maybe there will be progressive scale – the more months you purchase the bigger discount you receive. There is no exact information about discounts.
      1. Annette Talas 20 december 2013, 18:32 # 0
        The discount probably wont be much. I'm guessing $13.99 for 3 month sub, $12.99pm for 6 month sub and $10.99pm or $11.99pm for a 12 month sub. I personally would prefer if they made it f2p so I can pay for upgrades and specials etc when I have the money to spare. Apparently f2p makes a lot more money so dunno why they chose to go the p2p route.
        1. Michael Shirley 27 december 2013, 22:41 # +2
          It's to allow them the ability to give more consistent game material for the players as well as cut out alot of the money=power players… I for one prefer p2p for the simple fact of balance… I'd happily pay a monthly fee to keep the playing field level and pvp based upon actual game play… instead of having to keep up with those who throw cash at the game to get the upper hand

          on top of that, almost all f2p games have stores with the best equipment, and normally require a minimum of $10 just to purchase base items… a couple trips to the f2p store just to get some equipment to keep up with everyone else, and you could have easily bought 6 months worth of game time in a p2p — hence why f2p makes more money… in the end players end up paying more just to compete with the other players — p2p is simply a more level playing field…
    2. Eric Marczely 09 november 2013, 11:52 # 0
      And will this be avalabile for download on steam workshop
      1. Liam Bell 04 december 2013, 12:31 # 0
        I also want to know if it will be on steam WITH THE PRE ORDER most importantly. Steam is my primary source of pc games and if I have the opportunity to pre order and lock in a steam key that is the royal flush of bethesda for me :)
      2. Getsuga Tensho 13 november 2013, 02:00 # 0
        Has there been a set release date? I've heard Spring of 2014, December of 2014 and December of 2013 and want to Pre-order but I am confused on when I will be able to play this magnificent game.
        1. Duelist 13 november 2013, 02:18 # 0
          There were a lot of speculations about this until Bethesda published their press release telling that ESO will be released in Spring 2014. [ Read more here: Elder Scrolls Online Will be Released in 2014! ]

          I don’t think that devs will change it. But it may happen.
        2. Taxnan11 08 december 2013, 10:38 # 0
          What I would like to know is if there will be a Collectors Editions also
          1. Argentum13 08 december 2013, 20:54 # 0
            I have a beta invite and key but the link to download does not work. any way to get a new download line?
            1. Martyn Young 13 december 2013, 17:22 # 0
              No I don't mind paying a one off flat fee but £117 a year on top is ridiculous. That and you can play star wars the old republic for free, Namco are investing heavily on f2p with tekken and driftopia games plus the money perfect world makes from Star trek online and neverwinter there is no excuse for this. This is going to fall on it arse.
              1. Ed Vergiza 19 december 2013, 13:29 # 0
                It's incredible how all the development teams at these game companies want in on the monthly fee aspect of MMORPG's. How many games have pulled off a $15/m successfully? Like 3? EVE, WOW, and feel free to insert another one here since I can't come to respect any others that I've tried. Bethesda Game Studios went from wow'ing us as the gaming community with Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim to hopping on the p2p bandwagon. Don't get me wrong, I've loved the games produced by this company, but refuse to break my bank to play an MMO that I have to pay $60 startup for anyway. It's time for change and if you haven't seen or listened to your fans' and avid game players'(whether they be casual or quite competitive) cries for a respectful company that doesn't rip off their customers, I cannot hold this company in high regards for the others that I have come to respect throughout my years of being a gamer. Thank you for reading this and best of luck to all.
                1. Kelsey Freeman 19 december 2013, 15:16 # 0
                  I really don't understand why people are complaining about it being pay to play, as if this is a new idea. There are a lot of games that have subscriptions and they do fine. I plan on doing the subscription, just as I would do to help support any game that I enjoy. Paying ensures good support staff and frequent content updates.
                  1. Danijel Šumečki 21 december 2013, 03:23 # 0
                    224 dollars the first year...that is brutal. in croatia the most people have 500 dollars income per month...and i bet when people had 2 times the money they would think about this. i think they should all cut them selves a big slice of guild wars.
                    im sure to pass this elder scrol.
                    1. Shadi Zogheib 01 january 2014, 21:43 # 0
                      So wait, in order to play them game you have to download it? No disk or something? You have to pay 14.99 each month after the first month to play, or can you buy the game and just play? Please help, I'm so confused!
                      1. Duelist 02 january 2014, 00:53 # 0
                        Everything is pretty clear and simple. First of all you need to purchase the game in order to play. I am sure there will be several options: disc or digital download. When you buy the game you pay just for it.

                        But Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO with subscription model and a player has to pay monthly fee to play.

                        When you buy ESO (disc or download) you receive 1 month of game time for free. This time is given to every player for trying the game. After the first month is over you need to pay $14.99 each month to receive access to the game.
                      2. Birger Nilsson 09 january 2014, 21:54 # 0
                        Don't worry about the montly fee. It will be gone within six months when they realize it doesn't work and we'll have yet another F2P-MMO :D
                        1. Marc Roberts-johnson 10 january 2014, 00:57 # -1
                          so with paying 70 dollars xbox one gold i will have to pay 14.99 a month to play this what a con no sir i only earn 700 a month then 60 dollars for the game i have the xbox one on credit…
                          1. Adam Coston 10 january 2014, 16:51 # 0
                            If it was f2p I would not play becouse people like to pay 300 ot 500 dollars to get end game everything even though they have only played for 10 minutes remember this lmao if you played wow and guild wars you would understand this difference if YOU PAY ATTENTION matt might alow for the purchase of endgame material considering the system is half wow half gw so for people who can afford the 15 a month plus the 60 for the game can then buy what most cant and destroy the game for everyone else if he does it lol then you dont have to worry about paying 15 a month anymore it will be f2p shortly after if it still interests you I find more sophistication from pocket legends and its ridiculous but at least its not too simplified
                            1. Adam Coston 10 january 2014, 17:15 # 0
                              And so far no news about special edition wich should have more then a statue lmao thats the preorder bonus I payed 160 for kz3 special edition got a stash box with an art book inside it and I still have the soundtrack and the first 24 hours of online play with three days xp boost that really helped out a lot so im really curious to know will they be putting a special edition out I havnt herd anything yet and doubt we will see anything 3 months 2 go
                              1. Kaysleigh Snook 11 january 2014, 21:23 # 0
                                is there an admin on here so i can have a word with because i have been having some problems
                                1. Duelist 12 january 2014, 06:15 # 0
                                  What kind of problems do you have? You can always contact us using e-mail but if you have problems with the game I will not be able to help. We are a fan site.
                                2. Josh Wade 12 january 2014, 13:02 # 0
                                  so… if im going to download rather than ship as with my current location shipping will be a nightmare. anyways… if i am to download it is there a point in preordering? will i be able to download it early or anything?
                                  1. Duelist 12 january 2014, 13:45 # 0
                                    Pre-order option is great for US players because Amazon allows release date delivery. The best variant for you will be digital downloading. It does not require pre-ordering and you will be able to download the game when it is released.
                                    1. Josh Wade 16 january 2014, 08:20 # 0
                                      Is there a possibility of still getting a collectors edition if I'm downloading it?
                                      1. Duelist 17 january 2014, 07:44 # 0
                                        There is no information about ESO collector’s edition. It’s unknown when it will become available. Who knows, maybe they’ll make collector’s edition available for purchasing only in several months ater the release…

                                        Answering your question: I think yes. It will be possible. Why not? But you will have to pay full amount for the collector’s edition anyway.
                                  2. Ben Stimmel 12 january 2014, 22:14 # 0
                                    I honestly do not agree with f2p games, they usually have stuff that if you do not buy you cannot keep up with people, for instance SWTOR makes you purchase quickslot bars… so if you don't buy it you can't use half the moves… I don't think $15/m is a good idea, I think $5/m would be a great idea!
                                    1. Ludwig Lauhage 13 january 2014, 16:39 # 0
                                      why do u even care. if u love a game pay for it or dont they need to make of it. they wont come up with any dlcs like wow does because ESO is already perfect. i playd the beta. its Worth it guys
                                      1. Arthur Pajak 15 january 2014, 16:24 # 0
                                        You all complain about the p2p 14.99 a month, I'm sure you all go get a cup of coffee, eat out, spend money on a bus when you can walk, ect. If you just compromise a bit in your life if 14.99 honestly is that much for you than can cut costs of other smaller things in life and save the 14.99 it's worth it for balance in the game.

                                        ESO is a game that is going to require balance, not some cash shop where you can pay to win.
                                        Also, unlike other MMO's that have failed and went F2P (SWTOR, RIFT, ect.) ESO has a huge fan base from it's single player games and lets be honest, Skyrim needs a decent PC to run on, If you can afford a decent PC you can afford 14.99. If you can't go to your bank and ask to speak to a financial advisor cause you're doing something wrong in life.
                                        1. Bram Roemans 05 february 2014, 18:11 # -1
                                          many of the future players will be kids who aren't able to pay $15. p2p can be a good idea if they lower the price to $5
                                        2. Senpai 17 january 2014, 09:42 # 0
                                          Is this international or is it limited to certain countries?
                                          1. Duelist 17 january 2014, 11:03 # 0
                                            The game is international, meaning you can buy the game and play it from any part of the world. But there will be 3 supported languages: English, German French.
                                            1. Senpai 17 january 2014, 11:27 # 0
                                              What happens to the people with the CD drive?
                                              1. Duelist 17 january 2014, 11:44 # 0
                                                Well, there are 2 options: 1) Not to play the game. 2) Find a way to install the game to your PC. There will be digital version that you can install without using CD or DVD drives.
                                                1. Senpai 17 january 2014, 11:49 # 0
                                                  Hopefully the digital version is released with the CD version on the same day!
                                          2. Gwen Buord 19 january 2014, 11:15 # 0
                                            What the hell? I'm student i cannot pay 224$ / year for A GAME!!! That is the worst choice ever in my sense, so many games fell cause of this system! I'm not for F2P but check out the average salary of poeple in the concerned countries!!! This is almost 1/4 of my annual taxes…
                                            Sorry Bethesda, i've been following you for more than 5 years but it's over now, i can't.
                                            1. 2ofHearts 17 february 2014, 01:48 # 0
                                              Bethesda isn't in charge anymore. New groupe. Not New Head group
                                            2. Brandon Cristobal 28 january 2014, 20:16 # 0
                                              You would think with the kind of fan base this game and most elder scroll games have they'd be able to reduce the month fee to play below $14.99/month as a base model. There's so many elder scrolls fans who cant afford it a huge chunk of it being students either high school or in college of whom (myself included) can't afford tuition fees and everything else in college plus another $224 for the first year and $179.88 every following year. Bethesda is a great company and they've made countless great games but there's got to be a way they can settle for less or they're probably going to lose a lot of gamers. But i'm really looking forward to the game and hope if the price doesn't change I can still find a way to play.
                                              1. Sandra Plavsic 02 february 2014, 12:23 # 0
                                                AND what about all of us from other countries who've been following The Elder Scrolls since Morrowind (in my case), which is 10 years and now I just cannot afford to give all that money to play the game I've been waiting for so long…
                                                They will lose a lot of fans this way, and in my opinion, they would earn a lot more if the prices were lower, cause then a lot more people could afford to play.
                                                1. Gabriel Renaud Salgado 03 february 2014, 23:51 # 0
                                                  they talk about a massive war with the keeps and Stuff if there is not even 400 players
                                                2. Coşkun Toprak 03 february 2014, 09:53 # 0
                                                  Game looks promising and i have loved to play TES games since the TES — Arena.

                                                  However, pricing is not charming for the players like me. I'd not happily pay a monthly fee to keep the playing field level and pvp based upon actual game play…

                                                  I have Diablo 3, Guildwars 2 accounts. Who will convince me or the players like me, to pay monthly fee while we dont pay in other MMO's. Please do not tell me «You will have full access to game content with this fee». i have already in others.

                                                  Also, XBOX players are already paying fee for the Gold membership. Now they will pay a extra fee to play this game? this game may be a disappointment on console of XBOX side.

                                                  In Turkey, Russia, and Eastern side of Europa and some countries which are dealing with economical depressions (Greece, Italy, Spain....) there wont be so many players who will pay $190-210 / year. Even i am an engineer and working in a reputable company, i will probably refuse to pay this kind of money to this game… no let me edit last sentence " to any game" due to aggressive exchange parity in my country

                                                  i wonder, at which country you are targeting to sell this game with this montly subscription?
                                                  1. Gabriel Renaud Salgado 03 february 2014, 23:49 # 0
                                                    I suport you Coskun this is unfair as I said the dolar is a little bit more valuable (dont know if I wrote it correctly) than some other coins like the Peruvian one so instead of paying 15$ I'm paying the double or even the triple!!! so this game will fall or only be played in the Us
                                                  2. Gabriel Renaud Salgado 03 february 2014, 23:43 # 0
                                                    This guys only think about money… me and my frinds were pretty interested with the game we were about to pre-order it when we saw 15 $ a month (I'm not from the US) were I come from 1 $ is 2.54 soles (the coin we use is called soles) and 15$ is 30 soles and I'm a kid so the game 120 soles + 360 soles a year is 480 soles the first year so or even the triple so thats unfair and I could affort a 5 $ sub but I cant affort that much of money thats a shit so I better buy 3 ps3 games and be happy :)
                                                    1. Bram Roemans 05 february 2014, 18:06 # 0
                                                      I was very excited about the game until I saw it was $15 a month. Personally I would prefer it to cost $100 and no weekly fee. There will probably be alot of people finding it to expensiveif it doesn't changes. No way I'l buy this game if it stays paying every month. bethesda you are disapointing many elder scrolls fans!
                                                      1. Steven Beal 05 february 2014, 21:07 # 0
                                                        Bring on the big budget gameplay!!! say no to free to play :-P And have an amazing online experience.
                                                        I just hope it doesn't have problems upon launch. Reading the eldar scrolls books by Greg Keyes atm because its already got me hooked :-) + its very inexpensive for such a massive, detailed and growing IP.
                                                        1. Victor Meldgrd 06 february 2014, 18:14 # 0
                                                          all the elder scrolls games is awesome and i have wait so much time for this game:) but why pay 15 euro every month. The elder scrolls is now WoW
                                                          1. Adrian Cederberg 08 february 2014, 08:27 # 0
                                                            honestly, its not that expensive. look at WoW. its 50 dollars for all the expentions, then another 20 dollars for 2 months. thats 170 dollars. while this game is 225 dollars for the first year. And dont forget that this is a new game that's comming out. thats a 55 dollars diference. sure 55 dollars is a bit of money, but is it not worth spending it for an awesome looking new Elder scrolls game? even Online so can play the best game in the world with your freinds?
                                                            1. 2ofHearts 17 february 2014, 01:46 # 0
                                                              7$ a month and 60$yearly. that makes you money and for everyone that buys it will still make a bunch of money.
                                                              1. Farouk Saleh 17 february 2014, 15:41 # 0

                                                                I´m located in panamá city, panamá, i´m willing to pre-order the game but it doesn´t offer an option to pre-order from panamá, i want the hard copy and not the digital versión, the reason for a hard copy and not a download is because what i have to reboot my pc, i wouldn´t a way to reinstall the ESO game again since i bought the digital versión and i´m not planning to pay 60 dollars again if happens to reboot my pc for different reasons.
                                                                1. Ambuaz 23 february 2014, 05:58 # 0
                                                                  Hello. Contact official ESO support with your question.

                                                                  i´m not planning to pay 60 dollars again if happens to reboot my pc for different reasons.
                                                                  I don't think that you will have to buy digital version of the game again if you reboot PC. The major difference between physical and digital variants is only the way you receive the game. With a physical edition you receive a disc, with digital — a link to download the same files. If you reboot PC you just redownload the game and install again.
                                                                  1. Farouk Saleh 26 february 2014, 17:24 # 0
                                                                    Ok, so they give me the link, which means, if it happens to reboot, i can download any time. Good to know, Well i took this long to post but now i´m not sure whether to buy the game or not, i see so much conflicto about free to play or subscription, When this happens, often games fail. So now i have my doubts about it.
                                                                    1. Ambuaz 26 february 2014, 19:22 # 0
                                                                      It’s your choice. I have already pre-ordered ESO and now I am waiting for launch :) It’s a game and I want to enjoy playing ESO right from the start.
                                                                      1. Farouk Saleh 26 february 2014, 19:52 # 0
                                                                        Good, i still got a month to decide
                                                                2. Raymond Turner 22 february 2014, 13:04 # 0
                                                                  Okay, I'm reading all this moaning about price and I am a little confused. $14.99 is what all the major mmorpg people charge. Practically all f2p games out there started out charging and only went f2p when their player base fell out from underneath them. I do think that the game itself is slightly overpriced but the subscription fee is a standard fee for an mmo game that is current and has a solid player base. As for all the moaning kids out there — get a paper round, ask your family if the have any jobs that they would pay you to do on a regular basis. (Old Git Mode) you know when I was a kid all we could do was dream of games like this. If I was a kid now I would find away of affording this game its like 50c a day.
                                                                  1. Allyria 27 february 2014, 02:54 # 0
                                                                    I don't see why the complaints on the monthly fee. $15usd has been pretty standard for yearsss. Even Lineage II and WOW were like that.
                                                                    1. Pro Fane 01 march 2014, 16:47 # 0
                                                                      It's going to be epic, if you can afford to play a premium game go buy gw2. This games single server will crush other games empty hollowed out multi server environments.
                                                                      Massive, Gargantuios, Robust.
                                                                      Thats what i want for my pvp and exploration experience. Eso's delivery is sublime.
                                                                      1. Lucian Sirbu 19 march 2014, 10:18 # 0
                                                               is having a big sale on Elder Scrolls Online preorders up until 04.04 when the game launches. The price for a preordered cd-key is 34.99 euros and it includes all the perks of preordering the game, such as early access and 30 days of free gametime included. However they only have the regular preorder and not the Imperial Edition.

                                                                        If you still haven’t picked up a copy of the game then this is your chance!
                                                                        1. Apple.Snowsong 20 march 2014, 01:43 # 0
                                                                          Thank you Lucian. Are you sure it does it still include the Explorer Pack at that price? It does not say anywhere there at G2A that I can see, whether it includes the Explorer Pack too at that price.
                                                                        2. Apple.Snowsong 20 march 2014, 02:46 # 0
                                                                          I have been looking online for good deals anywhere that still has the Imperial Boxed Edition that includes the real book and stuff sent to you snail-mail, but it costs more at $99.99 (instead of 79.99 for the digital version) and it seems they are already all sold out everywhere already! LOL :P
                                                                          1. Sorrowhand 04 april 2014, 04:48 # 0
                                                                            why the heck is the site not letting me create a new acct to purchase the game??? the whole sign-in page is screwing me up. ive been trying to create my acct for 3 days what the heck am I doing wrong… I click CREATE NEW ACCT and it just reloads the sign in page. nothing is happening on the create new account link and I need help!
                                                                            1. Mike Wyeaver 10 may 2014, 09:43 # 0
                                                                              Having been a fan of tes since morrowind I've been waiting for a chance to show my skills against other fans seemingly for ever so today I finally justified the $99 Nz price tag so here I am four hours later having installed all four disks and suffering a never ending download of patches. I still can't play the damn game and the patches just keep coming What the fuck!!! Internet isn't free every 30 gigs cots me about $75 a month. Plus game cost$99 plus Subscription fee $15 which needs a credit card which has repayment charges, fuck. Just how any gigs am I going to need to pay for for the never ending patch lets me play the game. And will I need to do this every month. Honestly Bethesda if your going to arse rape your customers and fans like this you could at at least include a complimentary bottle of lube and a cigarette with each purchase.
                                                                              1. LastMemory 05 march 2015, 08:37 # 0
                                                                                Help!!! I downloaded the game on my old lap top that broke I got a new laptop and need to know how to download the launcher to log in any one know how?
                                                                                1. Ambuaz 05 march 2015, 09:22 # 0
                                                                                  Hello. Visit official website, log-in, find download link at the Account Summary page. Use this link to download launcher.
                                                                                2. RedOnTheRun 30 march 2020, 18:31 # 0
                                                                                  PLEASE HELP MAC EMERGENCY

                                                                                  hey there, ive just downloaded steam onto my mac, purchased the game, spent all night downloading it and installing it, to find out its not working… anyone have any ideas, system req's up to scratch so dont think its that and OS is 10.11 so covered there.

                                                                                  is there a way i can download it directly from here now even though i purchased it through steam??

                                                                                  please help!!!

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