About us

ElderScrollsOnline.info is an unofficial website created and supported by group of ESO fans. The objective of the team is to create an ESO database with easy navigation and simple access to all available information.

Actually our site was the first website fully dedicated to Elder Scrolls Online. We started gathering information several months before the official release and continue it now. Everything here is created by fans for other players.

Who are we?

Our team is young and currently made up of of 3 people so far. We all like TES games.

The Team

Founder of the website. He is responsible for almost everything, from general design to site structure. He had been playing TES since Morrowind.

Apple.Snowsong -- Content writer
A Voice-Actress, Singer, Song-Writer, Artist, University Student, and Volunteer Dolphin Advocate; who likes playing MMORPG and RPG games. Apple loves all Elder Scrolls games and especially ESO! She is delighted to be on our team as a Content writer.

Skyrim fan, contributor.

How to join?

We are looking for new members and contributors. Our Team is young so you can take your place now. The main requirements are amicability and will to contribute. If you would like to be part of our Team do not hesitate to contact us.


We read every mail.

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