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Elder scrolls Online releases updates very often. New content and events are announced regularly. If you want to know the information about all this stuff read our News.

We have very exciting news for you! ESO developers decided to change the game model and make Elder Scrolls Online Buy to Play (B2P)! See the details here.
ESO Loyalty Program rewards players for being subscribed. All accounts with at least 3 months of total subscription time will get special pet.
ESO Update 3 brings a lot of important changes to Player-Guilds and guild stores, so we recommend to read this article till the end.
Craglorn is comprised of dangerous and desolate wastelands set beneath the Dragontail Mountains, and designed for groups of Veteran Players. Find out more about Craglorn here.
As you probably know developers of the Elder Scrolls Online planned to release console version of the game in June. But unfortunately the console release was delayed.
Just before Elder Scrolls Online launched, we heard the impressive news that a whopping 5 million players registered for the Elder Scrolls Online beta. But how many of these beta players actually bought the game? And can…
YAY! :) Can you hardly believe it? YES! It’s true! The time for you to jump in and play the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls Online is almost here!
ZeniMax Online Studios have revealed official pricing and discounts a player receives for purchasing multiple months of game time.
We are all waiting for ESO launch. This Schedule will help you to find out when you are able to start playing the game. There will be 3 launch stages and each has its own schedule.
ZenimaxOnline has just announced an awesome set of new physical souvenirs for ESO fans – The Hero’s Guides To The Elder Scrolls Online. It is a set of 3 illustrated books and 1 lithography for all lore lovers and game fans.
The Elder Scrolls Online v0.18 presents new features in addition to tons of fixes and improvements to existing content based on tester feedback, and focuses on stability at high peak user load as we prep for launch day.
Many of you guys take part in ESO Beta and have different characters. Some testers had chance to take part in more than 3 or 4 events and spent a lot of time for questing and leveling up.
ZeniMax sent new wave of Beta invites. The event will begin on the 28th of February at 12PM EDT and will end on the 2nd of March at 11:59PM EDT., Ten Ton Hammer and ZAM are giving away a lot of free keys.
All the next events will remain close and you will require invitation to be able to participate.
Finally the Non-Disclosure Agreement has been lifted and now everyone can talk and discuss ESO Beta experience.
ZeniMax Online finally announced bonuses that a player will receive for pre-ordering Elder Scrolls Online. Explorer’s Pack is one of them.
ZeniMax Online has finally showed group gameplay of Elder Scrolls Online game. The video also demonstrates a lot of visual effects. You must watch it guys!
Several days ago Brian Wheeler was invited to Elitist Jerks forum to answer questions of ESO fans. It was an interesting event that brought some new information about the game.
Matt Firor, Game Director for ESO, announced that Elder Scrolls Online will be released for PC and Mac on April 4th, 2014. Beta testing will still continue for those you have yet to receive a key.
The last couple of weeks have been silent, with no interesting updates or materials about ESO after the release of the interactive map. But I felt that developers were preparing something big to show us.
Elder Scrolls Online has a schedule of post-launch updates. New content will be added pretty often. There is a lot of space for huge updates and new quests.
Hello guys! About a month ago I was browsing the site and I noticed that the design of must be reworked. Welcome new theme!
Will Elder Scrolls Online be playable solo? Will there be single player story? Read the article to find this out.
Nick Konkle revealed some new information about builds, guild markets, rare daedric artifacts, mounts, justice and so on. Enjoy.
There will be different armor sets in ESO. Racial armor will also be in the game. It will be available for every character but appearance of the set will depend on your level.
Maria Aliprando tells about first person view, end game and post launch content, explains benefits of being an Emperor. New interesting information for all fans of Elder Scrolls Online.
New heavy armor concept art is published. The picture shows three characters with heavy armor sets. What are the names of the sets? Let’s find out.
Holy Trinity is basic group setup with three general roles – Helaer, Tank and Damage Dealer. Modern games are trying to move away from this conception. Will Holy Trinity be effective in Elder Scrolls Online?
The list of character emotes that will be available in Elder Scrolls Online is revealed. The list is rather huge but we are sure it is not finished.
After ESO announced that they are going to use Subscription model all Xbox owners started to ask about extra fees that Microsoft charges for acess to all online games. Will ESO players have to pay this fee?

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