Elder Scrolls Online is finally announced!

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Since opening its doors in August of 2007, ZeniMax Online Studios haven’t been able to say much about happenings behind the doors – until today. The reason to sop silence is that Elder Scrolls Online is finally announced! Congratulations to all TES fans! Now you know that MMORPG in TES world really exists. That is a very important step for Bethesda.

The game was announced yesterday by Gameinformer. Here are some new facts about the game:

Developers tell that the world of TES MMO will be huge. The entire Tamriel will be available. You will see the entire continent from Elsweyr to Skyrim. There will be a lot of space and a lot of interesting quests. Not all provinces will be available from the beginning. New provinces will be added during game updates.

The leader of evil army will be Molag Bal — daedric prince, who wants to pull all of Tamriel into his demonic realm. You will have chance to fight against daedric army and defeat enemy leaders.

There will be three factions. Every faction is independent and stands against other in open world. PvP battles between these factions will be based on their conflict and their wish to take control over the province of Cyrodiil and the Emperor's throne. That means PvP battles will be an important part of the game.

The game will be ready and available for players in 2013. But it is impossible to create a great MMO game in one year. That means ZeniMax and Bethesda have been working on Elder Scrolls Online for several years already. They have a lot of ready game content and they are doing final preparation now. Bethesda and ZeniMax have a great and motivated team. Though they have been working for several years they did not tell players anything about the game. It was a secret and it is pleasant to see that the team is so motivated to create a masterpiece.

A brief teaser trailer of the game will be available soon! Come back in a day and you will see it in our video section. Screenshots will also be available in several days.
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