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The map of Elder Scrolls Online consists of 9 familiar provinces. 8 of them belong to main factions, and 1 - Cyrodiil - is a PvP area. You can see Morrowind, Cyrodill, Skyrim and if you are a fan of TES series you can imagine each province because previous games took place there. As you know all provinces in Tamriel are different. Cyrodill is a land of forests, Skyrim has a lot of severe mountains, Morrowind is a land of deserts and sand. Developers decided not to change anything. Each province in ESO is made according to its history and traditions. So you can also see familiar monsters and creatures. For example you can find giants in Skyrim and giants have the same model that was used in the fifth part of the series called “Skyrim”. Some of the monsters look really identical to monsters from previous TES games because many assets were implemented into ESO. Of course monsters from Oblivion, Morrowind and previous parts can not be simply inserted. Developers have to remake the appearance according to modern graphic requirements. But general appearance of all creatures stays the same. It is a good sign for true fans.

There are many new monsters that were made specially for ESO. For example Molag Bal (Daedric Prince of domination).

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