Sorcerer – Description and Skill Lines

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Sorcerer is a powerful class who uses his magical skills to destroy his enemies. He relies mostly on magic and his general weapon is a staff. Though the staff will be one of the most popular weapons among Sorcerers, you can take another weapon type if you wish. The Sorcerer class will be a very good choice for those who wish to play as a mage. Focusing on spell casting and magic powers he is a very dangerous enemy for any other class.

Class Skills

General magic skills of the class are connected with summoning and controlling weather phenomenon. Sorcerers can hurl lightning bolts, create electrified fields and summon tornadoes. They can also use his magical skills to use Daedric forces and summon Storm Atronachs. Sorcerers also has several protection spells such as magical armour that decreases incoming damage. There are 3 magical schools available for a Sorcerer:

Dark Magic

Negate Magic Dispel enemy magic effects in area. Each enemy who casts in the area will be silenced and take heavy damage
Encase The spell allows to immobilize enemies in front of you for a short period of time.
Daedric Mines Summons several mines that damage and immobilize nearby enemies
Rune Prison - Disorient enemy x seconds - Targets have increased health regeneration while affected
Dark Exchange Converts your stamina pool into health and magicka.
Repulse Knocks back and snares nearby enemies.
Unholy Knowledge Permanently reduces magicka and stamina costs of any spell
Blood Magic Sorcerer restores a definite percent of his max health every time he hits enemy with Dark Magic spell.
Persistence Increases duration of your dark magic spells
Exploitation Iincreases critical strike rating when Sorcerer attacks enemy affected by Dark Magic.

Daedric Summon

Summon Storm Atronach - Summons an immobile storm atronach to targeted location for x seconds - Enemies in the area are stunned for x seconds and take Shock damage - An ally may activate the Charged Lightning synergy: Causes them to deal an additional Shock damage on each attack and makes the atronach persist for additional time
Unstable Familiar Toggle to activate: - Summon a familiar to attack enemies - Reduces max magicka by 10%
Daedric Curse - Enemy cursed for x seconds, when effect completes target takes Magic damage - Nearby enemies take Magic damage - Only 1 curse may be active at a time
Summon Winged Twilight Toggle to activate: - Summon a Winged Twilight to attack nearby enemies - Reduces max magicka by 10%
Bound Armor While toggled on: - Gain extra armor - Reduces max magicka by 10%
Conjured Ward - Create an damage shield on self and summoned creatures for 20 seconds
Rebate - Receive 10% max magicka when one of your summons is killed
Power Stone - Reduce cost of ultimate abilities by x%
Daedric Protection - Increases health regeneration rate while you have any Summoning ability slotted
Expert Summoner Your summoned creatures gain the following bonuses: - Winged Twilight - Damage increased - Familiar + Clannfear - Movement speed increased - Atronach - Range increased

Storm Calling

Overload while toggled, base attack are replaced with empowered versions and cost ultimate
Mage's Fury - Deals Shock damage - Explodes for Shock damage if target falls below 20% health within 4 sec
Lightning Form - Increase armor and spell resistance - Deal Shock damage to nearby enemies every 1 second
Lighting Splash - Leaves a pool of lightning for x seconds that deals Shock damage every 1 second - An ally in the area may activate Conduit, instantly dealing shock damage
Surge For medium duration: - Increase weapon damage by x
Bolt Escape - Stun nearby enemies for short duration - Teleport forward 15 meters
Capacitator Permanently increase magicka regeneration
Energized Increase damage of your lightning magic abilities
Disintegrate Your lightning spells have a chance to instantly disintegrate low health targets
Expert Mage Reduce the cost of your lightning spells

All of these schools have different spells that allow a Sorcerer to deal damage and summon different creatures. Sorcerer’s spells use Magicka energy. This pool is very important for any mage, and players must be aware of this when dedicating stat points . The more Magicka you have - the better.

One of the best weapons for the class is a magical staff or even a bow. There are many ranged spells that allow Sorcerers to kite enemies without coming close. But it is not the only tactics. You could also use the Sorcerer class to create a powerful battlemage with heavy armor and a melee weapon. Elder Scrolls Online allows everything.

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  1. Victor Foresti Castro 09 february 2014, 23:07 # 0
    I have played all the main five es games and I always liked wearing armor and casting lightning spells and conjuring atronachs, will I still be able to do so if I played as a Templar?
    1. Ambuaz 10 february 2014, 12:18 # 0
      The abilities you can see above are Sorcerer class skills — that means only Sorcerer can use these abilities. If you choose Templar you will have other class skills (you can find Templar class skills here).
    2. Valentin Petrov 05 march 2014, 12:54 # 0
      I believe you should make the sorceres, or some custom skill path to be able to transform into creatures… like a druid or the warewolf skill path… thought a wizard must be able to transform into a bird or fast traveling creature or so. That would be really really great. And will add more to the skill and storylines. Wizzard might be used as scouts and so on.
      1. v3gasninja 12 july 2015, 21:18 # 0
        you can become a werewolf or a vampire with any class
      2. harold 26 february 2015, 01:19 # 0
        How is this right..? I have played loads of mmorpg games and everytime I play I always use the mage class and have never come across a mage with a seriously bad skill set like this one.
        I mean even a warrior class can use fire spell but a sorcerer cant. The sorcerer class should have access to spells for all 3 elements available in the game,(fire,ice,lightnin),regardless of the weapon type.
        1. TE5LA 09 january 2017, 08:33 # 0
          The fastest way to level a Templar is with a Sorcerer guide?

          Might want to edit that.

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