Storm Calling

Storm Calling is the first skill tree of Sorcerer class. It primarily consists of lightning-based damage-focused spells. If your goal is to become the best battle mage or top damage dealer you should think about mastering this school.

Storm Calling Skills

Mage's Fury
Lightning Form
Lighting Splash
Bolt Escape
Expert Mage

Storm Calling spells are great for both PvP and PvE encounters. The skill line has a good set of attacking and protective spells that will make you unstoppable killing machine. Let’s take a close look to all active abilities.

  • Overload is an Ultimate Ability that makes all your attacks much stronger. It is a self buff that can be switched on when you need it. When Overload is active all your attacks consume Ultimate points instead of stamina.
  • Mage’s Fury is a basic attack that hits target with lightning. The spell deals additional damage if the target’s health is lower than definite threshold.
  • Bolt Escape helps the class to perform sudden attacks by teleporting the caster straight forward and stunning close foes.
  • Lighting Splash is an AoE spell that deals damage to all foes in a radius periodically. A synergy that shocks enemies may be activated.
  • Surge is a self-buff that temproary increases your Power.
  • Lightning Form helps caster to protect himself by decreasing incoming damage and dealing damage to all nearby foes.

Sorcerer who specializes in Storm Calling has very good passive spells that increase magicka regeneration, increase efficiency of lightning based magic, add disintegrate effects and reduce cost of the lightning spells. All passives are extremely beneficial and are focused on making Storm Calling spells more powerful.

Though the school is very good for both PvE and PvP orientated players it has some great spells that can be very effective in PvP. Many players think that it is one of the best paths for those who wish to take part in AvA in Cyrodiil.

Comments (3)

  1. Peter Tsivikas 21 february 2014, 00:55 # 0
    Can you heal as storm calling?
    1. Ambuaz 21 february 2014, 05:51 # 0
      Storm Calling tree itself does not have any abilties that allow you to heal others. But you can be a healer if you equip Restoration Staff.
      1. Peter Tsivikas 21 february 2014, 20:52 # 0
        Hm yea i guess ill just run a damage build i guess and have a small healing aspect to my character

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