Blood Magic

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  • Blood Magic
    Requires Sorcerer
    Type: Passive
    Sorcerer restores a definite percent of his max health every time he hits enemy with Dark Magic spell.
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    Blood Magic is a passive ability from Dark Magic line that makes any Sorcerer real dark mage. The ability allows to restore a part of your health attacking enemy with Dark Magic spell. Every time you hit the target with any Dark Magic spell you gain small amount of healing. It is great when your attacking spells can damage enemies and also heal you.

    Blood Magic will increase your survivability. If you specialize in Dark Magic you should master this passive, especially if you prefer aggressive style and like to be in the center of the battlefield. The more spells you cast the better for you.

    The amount of healing received from this passive for a single spell is not big. Every spell restores a small part of your health. But overall effect can be very good. Just imagine: each Dark Magic attacking spell you cast heals you. At high levels you will cast many spells in the same encounter. Thus you will receive decent amount of extra healing without using any potions. Sometimes this extra healing will save your life and will help you to win the battle.

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