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Requires Sorcerer
Type: Passive
Increases duration of your dark magic spells

Persistence is Sorcerer’s passive ability from Dark Magic school. The passive affects all Dark Magic spells increasing their duration. That means all stunning, immobilizing, dispelling and other effects will last longer. The bonus you receive from Persistence is really good and the importance of this passive for a Sorcerer is difficult to overestimate.

Persistence is a must have passive for every Sorcerer who likes Dark Magic spells. Increased duration effect will be applied to all abilities from the path. Persistence is a very important passive ability. Just take a look at all Dark Magic spells. You will see that the school has many spells for crowd control. Many of PvP players will choose this skill path because there are a lot of abilities that immobilize, and snare targets. This passive will make all the abilities much better. You need to invest only 1 skill point into Persistence to receive outstanding bonuses. If you are PvP player you must have Persistence passive in order to perform better.

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