Expert Summoner

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  • Expert Summoner
    Requires Sorcerer
    Type: Passive
    Your summoned creatures gain the following bonuses:
    - Winged Twilight - Damage increased
    - Familiar + Clannfear - Movement speed increased
    - Atronach - Range increased
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    Expert Summoner is a passive ability of the Sorcerer class. Sorcerer becomes the expert in summoning and can his creatures become much stronger. Each type of creatures receives special bonus. Winged Twilight can deal more damage, Familiar and Clannfear receive extra movement speed, Atronach receives increased range of attack. As you see the bonuses are great and make your summoned army even more dangerous.

    All you need to get this bonuses is to spend one skill point when you reach the specific Rank in Daedric Summoning. Don’t forget that passive abilities have 2 ranks and your helpers will receive even more bonuses when you master the passive fully.

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