Bolt Escape

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Bolt Escape
Requires Sorcerer
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Stun nearby enemies for short duration
- Teleport forward 15 meters

Bolt Escape stuns all surrounding enemies for a short period and teleports the character straight forward for a medium distance.

It is unknown if the spell works when you are rooted or immobilized.

General goal of the spell is to give Sorcerer more freedom in battle. Mage classes always suffer from melee attacks and have to control distance to enemies. Bolt Escape will help any Sorcerer to escape from melee attacker and to controll distance better.

The spell is also great when you need to run away fast. Imagine that you have low health and someone I running to finish you. Just cast Bolt Escape several times and the distance between you and enemy will be big enough to survive. Just don’t forget that the spell teleports you straight forward. You need to choose direction first and then activate Bolt Escape. If you activate the ability while looking in the direction of the enemy you will be teleported to the foe. This will not be great if you want to escape.

The spell is also great if you are affected by AoE spell like Ash Cloud that snares you and decease chances to hit enemy. The minus of Ash Cloud is that it works only if you are in the area of the spell. Thus you need to leave the area as fast as possible. It is difficult to do it because Ash Cloud snares you and Bolt Escape can help you very much. Just use it and you will leave the area affected by Ash Cloud. This strategy can be used against similar AoE spells.

This ability can be Morphed into

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