Mage's Fury

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Mage's Fury
Requires Sorcerer
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Deals Shock damage
- Explodes for Shock damage if target falls below 20% health within 4 sec

Mage's Fury attacks the enemy dealing shock damage. If the target’s health falls below 20% threshold within 4 seconds the spell explodes dealing extra damage to the target and nearby foes.

It is unknown what happen if you hit enemy who has less than 20% of health remaining. It seems that the explosion will take place immediately.

Mage's Fury can be used in different situations but you will receive the best effect if you use it against enemy with low health left (less than 40%). The reason is because such enemies have more chances to lose health below 20% threshold within 4 seconds and activate explosion. The best situation for using this spell in battle is when you see such enemy surrounded by other foes. The explosion deals sufficient AoE damage increasing your DPS.

It doesn’t make sense to use the spell against targets with 100% health because Mage's Fury deals ¾ damage from extra explosion (without taking into account AoE damage that surrounding players will receive). If you hit enemy with high health you deal only ¼ of possible damage. Do you like to pay 100% magicka cost for ¼ of possible effect? I think not and that’s why it is better to use Mage's Fury in appropriate situation.

Mage's Fury is a strong spell and can deal a lot of damage when using in time

This ability can be Morphed into

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