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  • Overload
    Requires Sorcerer
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Ultimate
    while toggled, base attack are replaced with empowered versions and cost ultimate
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    Overload is a special attack mode that replaces the light and heavy attacks of the Sorcerer class with empowered versions that cost Ultimate as their resource.

    Activation of this spell also costs Ultimate, so you need to manage your Ultimate energy carefully. It is unknown yet if the spell is cancelled when you are out of Ultimate. It seems that it remains active but your attacks return to normal mode and only become empowered again when you get enough Ultimate.

    Overload is a very interesting spell because there are no similar spells in any other skill line. Instead of dealing direct damage or affecting foes, it simply makes your normal attacks much stronger.

    You can use the spell when you need to deal a lot of damage. Overload will help you in a fight against a boss in dungeon or against other player in PvP. It is possible to toggle the ability once you have a sufficient amount of Ultimate in order to deliver a burst of heavy damage.

    It won’t be possible to maintain Overload for a very long duration, there just isn’t enough Ultimate points available for that. So look to use the spell carefully as any other Ultimate ability.

    Tier 1 Morphing

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