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  • Surge
    Requires Sorcerer
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    For medium duration:
    - Increase weapon damage by x
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    Surge is a temporary self-buff that increases weapon damage of your character, allowing to deal more damage while you attack enemies with weapon. This spell does not affect the strength of your class skills. It is unknown how it affects destruction staff attacks and restoration staff healing.

    You will find this spell very beneficial if you activate Overload Ultimate. This ultimate replaces your light and heavy attacks with empowered versions and Surge will also add even more power to these weapon attacks. You character will become a very dangerous opponent.

    The general minus of the spell is that it can’t be applied to your ally or other target because it is a self-buff. When you click the icon of Surge on your hotbar it will be automatically applied to you.

    This ability has long duration and it may be a good idea to keep it on your second hotbar in order to place more attacking spells on primary hotbar. Just don’t think that it is a rule. Everything depends on your strategy and it is better to keep Surge on your first hotbar if you use the spell very often.

    Tier 1 Morphing

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