Negate Magic

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  • Negate Magic
    Requires Sorcerer
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Ultimate
    Dispel enemy magic effects in area. Each enemy who casts in the area will be silenced and take heavy damage
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    Negate Magic is Sorcerer’s Ultimate spell that belongs to Dark Magic. The spell allows to dispel all magical effects in the area. It also has additional effect: if an enemy casts any magical spell in the area affected by Negate Magic he will be silenced for a short period and will receive damage. As you can see this spell allows to control casters.

    Range of the ability is not so big but it is enough if several enemy mages stay close to each other. Do not forget that it is an Ultimate spell and you will have to earn Ultimate points to recharge it. You need at least 34th Rank of Dark Magic to be able to use Negate Magic.

    Negate Magic is a very effective spell because each class in Elder Scrolls Online has magical abilities. All class skills consume Magicka energy and deal magical damage. Thus the spell affects not only Sorcerers but all other classes. It can be very beneficial in PvP against healers or other casters who rely on Class skills mostly.

    If you see that enemy sorcerer applies Negate Magic to the place where you stay, try to stop using your Class skills. Use your weapon skills instead. You will not be silenced and will not be damaged for this. You can also move out of this field and continue using magic. Combat in ESO is reaction based and you need pay attention to your enemies’ actions in order to win.

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