Dark Exchange

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  • Dark Exchange
    Requires Sorcerer
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    Converts your stamina pool into health and magicka.
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    Dark Exchange is Sorcerer’s spell that belongs to Dark Magic. The spell allows to restore health and magicka by consuming stamina. When you activate this spell you start to convert your stamina pool into health and magicka. It is a good way to heal yourself in difficult situation.

    As you know Magicka is a very important resource for any Sorcerer. It is impossible to cast spells without Magicka energy. There can be situations when you need to fill your Magicka pool quick and you have no portion or can not use it. Dark Exchange is a very good way for doing it. It allows to restore manna at the cost of Stamina.

    Dark Exchange is a very helpful spell for those sorcerers who rely mostly on spells and do not use stamina too often. This allows them to have enough stamina almost every time they want to use Dark Exchange. It can be a very good way to restore Magicka energy fast.

    Tier 1 Morphing

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