Rune Prison

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  • Rune Prison
    Requires Sorcerer
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    - Disorient enemy x seconds
    - Targets have increased health regeneration while affected
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    Rune Prison is Sorcerer’s spell that belongs to Dark Magic. Caster locks the target in a runic prison disorienting it but increasing its health regeneration. It is unknown what “disorient” really means in the game.

    It is one of several controlling spells of a Sorcerer. Rune Prison requires magicka for casting. You need at least Dark Magic rank 14 to be able to use the spell.

    It is a rather interesting spell. On the one hand it allows to lock and disorient the enemy. It can be used in many situations when you need to control the enemy. On the other hand the enemy affected by the spell restores his health faster. You should use Rune Prison when potential benefits from using the spell are better than benefits for the enemy.

    Tier 1 Morphing

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