Daedric Mines

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Daedric Mines
Requires Sorcerer
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
Summons several mines that damage and immobilize nearby enemies

Daedric Mines is Sorcerer’s spell that belongs to Dark Magic. Sorcerer summons 3 mines that lay on the battlefield. Once the enemy comes close, the mines damage and immobilize him. You can summon mines on enemy’s way and wait until he will be caught. The spell will also work against group of players.

General advantage of the spell is that the mines stay active for rather long period of time. You can place mines in advance near your character and wait until the enemy will come closer. The spell will help any Sorcerer with any role. If you are melee fighter you will like stunning effect of the spell very much. You can use this period of stun for power strike or other powerful attack

Combination of Encase and Daedric Mines can help you to run away. You need to immobilize enemy with Encase first and then summon mines on his way. He will be caught several times and you will have time to run away.

This ability can be Morphed into

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