Lighting Splash

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Lighting Splash
Requires Sorcerer
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Leaves a pool of lightning for x seconds that deals Shock damage every 1 second
- An ally in the area may activate Conduit, instantly dealing shock damage

Lighting Splash creates a lightning field that deals regular damage to enemies who stand in the area of the field. Allies may activate Conduit synergy dealing extra shock damage to the foes.

It is a great AoE spell tor using with other crowd controlling abilities. For example it is great to use Lighting Splash with Dark Talons of Dragon Knight. Dark talons immobilize enemies for a medium duration and deal damage. Just imagine the overall effect of these two spells.

There is also great combination of Lighting Splash and Ash Cloud of Dragon Knight. Ash Cloud snares enemies and doesn’t allow them to leave the area quickly increasing damage dealt by Lighting Splash.

It may seem that the spell has great synergies with spells of Dragon Knight. Yes, it is the truth; the combinations above are really great. But there are other great combinations that give similar effect. For example combination with Consuming Darkness of Nightblade or with Volley from Bow skill line.

Now let’s talk about how to protect yourself against Lighting Splash. Of course the fastest way is just leave the area of effect. It is the general minus of the spell – it does not snare or immobilize enemies. If it could do it the spell would be undisputed and there would be only Sorcerers in the game. Fortunately Elder Scrolls Online has balance and you can avoid receiving full damage from Lighting Splash by leaving the area. Radius of the spell is not very big and you can leave it fast.

That’s why it is not recommended to use the spell independently – it is too easy to escape. If you have the spell on your hotbar you should try to find the best variants for using it with maximum benefit. Wait until someone roots or snares enemies and apply Lighting Splash then.

There is also one great way to use this ability: you can fight against melee foes standing in the area affected by the ability. But this is a good idea if you are battle mage with good protection.

This ability can be Morphed into

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