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Requires Sorcerer
Type: Passive
Iincreases critical strike rating when Sorcerer attacks enemy affected by Dark Magic.

Exploitation is Sorcerer’s passive ability from Dark Magic path. This passive increases critical strike rating when you attack enemy affected by Dark magic. This is a must have passive for every player who focuses on Dark Magic. Critical strike rating means critical strike chance. Exploitation increases your chance to hit the enemy with critical strike if he is affected by Dark Magic.

To get benefits from Exploitation you must attack the target affected by Dark Magic. Does not matter who hit the target with Dark Magic for the first time. If it is under the effect of Repulse, Encase or other spell you will get the bonuses from Exploitation when you hit it. That means your ally Sorcerer may hit the enemy with any of Dark Magic spells and you will be able to use benefits of Exploitation.

This passive ability is essential for PvP players because it makes you attacks much stronger. Critical effects always help to deal a lot of damage. The higher your critical strike chance the more often you hit enemies with heavy attacks. Thus you must invest your skill points into this ability. It is one of the best ways to spend skill points for any Sorcerer.

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