Unholy Knowledge

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Unholy Knowledge
Requires Sorcerer
Type: Passive
Permanently reduces magicka and stamina costs of any spell

Unholy Knowledge is Sorcerer’s passive ability from Dark Magic school. It reduces magicka and stamina costs of any spell permanently. It is a very useful ability for true sorcerers because it allows to spend less Magicka energy for casting the same spells. As you know Magicka pool is very important for any caster. Unholy Knowledge allows you to cast more spells and increase your efficiency at the battlefield. You can master this passive ability in Dark Magic skill line.

If you use Storm Calling or Daedric Summoning skill trees as your primary magic schools you should think about mastering Unholy Knowledge anyway. This passive affects all spells of the Sorcerer class and will help you regardless your magical specialization. It is great when you spend less Magicka for all the spells you have.

This passive is also essential for Sorcerers with weapon specialization because it allows to decrease stamina cost of any ability. Thus you can spend less stamina in general. Unholy Knowledge wil also help characters with mixed specialization, for example weapon and spells.

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