Summon Winged Twilight

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Summon Winged Twilight
Requires Sorcerer
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
Toggle to activate:
- Summon a Winged Twilight to attack nearby enemies
- Reduces max magicka by 10%

Summon Winged Twilight allows to summon a helper that flies near the Sorcerer attacking his enemies. While the helper is alive your maximum magicka is reduced by 10%. When you switch this spell off your magicka pool will return to normal size.

It’s not a very serious cost but if you have also Unstable Familiar summoned your magicka will be reduced by 20%. That’s because Unstable Familiar also decrease the size of magicka energy pool. If you activate Bound Armor with this two spells max magicka will be reduced by 30%.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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