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Requires Sorcerer
Type: Passive
Increase damage of your lightning magic abilities

If you want to specialize in using Lightning magic Energized is a “must have” for your character. It makes all your Lightning spells stronger increasing their damage. Energized affects spells from Lightning Magic only and giving you permanent damage bonus. If you specialize in Daedric Summoning this passive will not help you.

Energized is great because you need to spend a skill point for mastering this ability. It is a very low price for such a great effect. Only one skill point and all your lighting spells deal more damage permanently.

It may seem that 3% bonus is not very big. Yes, it’s not big when you are low-level character. But when you become strong this bonus can be sufficient part of your basic damage. Your spells will become stronger and will deal more damage per hit. You shouldn’t forget that this bonus also affects AoE spells, so this extra damage will be dealt to all enemies in the area. This makes Energized really awesome passive.

Don’t forget that this spell has two ranks. You can master the second rank and get even more damage bonus than you had in the beginning. The overall effect of Energized will add very good bonus to your DPS.

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